Men Turn into Crybabies on ‘Girl’s Night Out’ in Lindauer Sparkling Wine Ad

Lindauer - Don't Worry Boys

What in sweet, holy hell is turning these men turn into weeping, distraught, bumbling, emotional wrecks?

Did their team lose? Did they lose a bet? Did they burn a steak?

Nope, nope and nope. It turns out they’re just missing their better halves, who are simply out for a girl’s night on the town. This ad for Lindauer sparkling wine plays on the idea that men are at a loss without the women in their lives.

The “Don’t Worry Boys’ ad was created by DDB Group New Zealand, directed by William Stahl and featuring the song ‘Every Minute Alone’ by Danish band WhoMadeWho.

The Lindauer ad is heavily influenced by (well, pretty much duplicated from) Stahl’s 2011 work with WhoMadeWho on the video for ‘Every Minute Alone‘.

I’m not sure what his secret is, but it turns out that Stahl really knows how to make men cry.

[via mUmBRELLA]

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