Help the Guy in Stanfield’s Underwear Hitchhike His Way Across Canada

Stanfield's - The Gitchhiker

As any young man growing up in Nova Scotia, I grew up wearing my share of underwear made a dozen or so miles away at the Stanfield’s factory in Truro. However, I never attempted to hitchhike anywhere in my tighty whities, not even on a double-dog dare.

But, that’s exactly what testicular cancer survivor Mark McIntyre will be doing. Starting on November 14, he’ll be attempting to make his way from Vancouver to Truro in 21 days by hitching rides and completing challenges and dares. If he’s successful, Stanfield’s will give $20,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society for below-the-waist cancer research.

You can follow McIntyre’s adventure at, and help him out by voting on gifts (so far, fans have voted to provide him with boots and a toque) and saved kilometers in the Gitchmobile.

‘The Glitchhiker’ was created by john st., who previously worked with McIntyre and Stanfield’s in 2010 on the ‘Guy at Home in His Underwear‘ campaign.

[via Agency Spy]


Meanwhile Downunder: Bonds Stages an Epic Underpants Dance-off

Bonds - What's Your Shape?

‘The Hipsters’ versus ‘The Quick Drys’… ‘The Cool Its’ versus ‘The GuyFront trunks’.. ‘The Comfy Tops’ versus ‘The Tails’? Not since the Jets rumbled against the Sharks in West Side Story has their been a dance-off like this, and seriously folks, who doesn’t love dancing in their underwear with a few of their closest friends.

Australian underwear brand Bonds wants to know ‘What’s Your Shape?’ and you could win a drawer full of undies for you and five of your mates. Just wander over to the Bonds Facebook page and choose which group you want to ‘hang’ with (oh yes, I went there). Right now, the Hipsters and are way out in front, with the Tails in second.

If you want to strip down, then get down with your bad self – you can download an mp3 of the music from the ad on the Facebook application as well… maybe just remember to draw the curtains.

The campaign was created by Banjo Advertising with the Facebook application developed by WiTH Collective.


Just in Time for a Pantless Father’s Day, It’s Dads in Briefs

Dads in Briefs

I count myself lucky that my dad didn’t stroll around the house in his underwear when things heated up in during the summers. I do, however remember being at friends houses and seeing things that well, still shake me to this day. I had no idea that briefs came in green, yellow and brown.

What I mean to say is “Thank you Dad”.

Those experiences have led me to carefully maintain the quality of my rotation of underpants, quickly removing the worn ones and bringing in fresh recruits. But enough about me and my underwear.

However, this campaign from Argentina featuring a number of ‘dads’ working and relaxing around the house is not trying to sell underwear. The campaign is, in fact, promoting BGH air conditioners, which hopefully will keep dads cool, calm and their dad stuff covered up with pants.

The ‘Dads in Briefs’ campaign was created by Buenos Ares agency Del Campo Nazca Saachi & Saatchi.


Aussie Underwear Brand Presents a Unique Take on ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

Bond's 12 Days of ChristmasAs Christmas presents go, new underwear usually falls very low on the my holiday wish lists. That might change if underwear adverts were more exciting, like this example from iconic Australian underwear and clothing brand Bonds.

The advert features actress Rachel Taylor as the ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree’ and a cast of 60 other talented Aussies skateboarding, dancing, leaping, drumming, swimming and well… 8 mates a drinking milk while sliding across the floor in their socks.

It’s all part of Bonds unique take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Besides the 60 second example embedded above, the commercial was also produced as 12 separate 10 seconds ads that each featured one part of the familiar carol. The products are all grouped on an area of their online store as the 12 Deals of Christmas.

The most striking part of the ad (besides the 9 ladies dancing) is the rumbling baritone vocals of Sydney singer/songwriter Jack Ladder (real name Tim Rogers).

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