Smartraveller Travel Tales: Australian Woman Survives 360 Fall Foot from Broken Bungee Cord

Smarttraveller Travel Tales Competition

Australian Erin Langworthy was travelling in Africa when she and a friend decided to try bungee jumping. All was going well until her bungee cord snapped, dropping her 360 feet into the river below. The cord became stuck in the rocks and she couldn’t make it back to the surface, however she mustered the strength to free herself and saved her own life.

After the accident she was airlifted to a hospital in South Africa, where she received a call from the Australian Consulate in Canberra, who had been alerted when she didn’t arrive at her expected destination. Erin had registered her travel with Smartraveller before leaving on her trip, and had purchased full travel insurance that ensured treatment in a high-quality hospital and covered her $50,000 in medical bills.

While it may be difficult to find a story quite so dramatic as Erin’s, the Smartraveller Travel Tales Competition is looking for travel stories from Australians that benefited from the service, or others who had wished they had taken Smartraveller precautions. The submissions judged to be the best will win a share of $6000 in travel vouchers.

[via mUmBRELLA]