Swedish Retailer Has Customers Suffering for Savings with Xmas Carol Torture Challenge

Pause Xmas Carol TortureI’ve never worked in retail, so I can’t imagine how people that work in stores keep it together from listening to Christmas carols played over and over and over again during the holiday season.

Swedish electronics retailer Pause and Geneva Sound Systems is putting their customers to that very challenge. Visit the X-Mas Carol Torture site and start listening to the cheery sounds of Jingle Bells on permanent repeat. The longer you can listen the more you can save (up to 25%) on purchases at the store. To keep you from simply walking away or stuffing cotton into your ears while you listen, you must click on Santa Claus when he randomly says his Ho Ho Ho’s. My personal best is a paltry 3:09. The discount will be sent to your email or directly to your mobile phone.

The visitors who can manage to listen for the longest are eligible to win one of three Geneva sound systems. But that won’t be easy, the top contender as of today somehow managed to listen for an incredible 2 hours, 32 minutes and 16 seconds.

But things could be worse though, at least they are not streaming Justin Bieber’s ‘Under the Mistletoe’.

The site was created by Stockholm agency Åkestam Holst.

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The Swedish Post Brings 1910 Christmas Cards to Life

Swedish Post - Christmas on WheelsThe Swedish Post is celebrating the holidays by bringing Christmas Cards to life in a large barn outside the town of Kalmar. Visitors to the Christmas Cards on Wheels website can watch a live video feed from a camera that travels on a track through a series of set pieces designed to mimic the artwork of Swedish artist Jenny Nyström.

Nyström’s Christmas illustrations were featured on the very first Swedish Christmas card and showed piano playing pigs, elves decorating trees and dropping cards from a balloon.

As the camera travels through the barn visitors can capture still images that can then be used to create a real Christmas postcard that can be delivered to friends and family by… you guessed it, the Swedish Post. Visitors can also interact with the props by taking control of the camera for a lap, allowing them to open the top of piano, change the colour of the Christmas tree lights and control the fire in the elves hot air balloon.

However, with a popular site like this there’s bound to be glitches and the video feed can be choppy or unavailable at peak times. The live video feed is available between 9am and 9pm (local Swedish time).

The project was created by Akestam Holst. The Stockholm-based agency has done other work for the Swedish Post including ‘Sweden’s Safest Hands’. The campaign challenged users to safely deliver packages on their smartphones. The first user to arrive at the secret destination would win the content of the package.

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Swedish Health Board Unleashes ‘Sneeze Box’ to Promote Flu Vaccinnations

Goteborg Sneeze BoxTo help spread the message (no pun intended) about the importance of flu vaccinations to the citizens of Göteborg; Primärvården, the West Sweden health board decided to sneeze on them. Thankfully not in person, but virtually.

The health board created a ‘sneeze booth’ and took in to major shopping malls where shoppers were invited behind the curtain to try their luck. Once behind the curtain people found themselves staring at a recording of a very ‘sick’ looking actor. The actor prompted the viewers to press the yellow button. Once the users pressed the button, an epic and very messy sneeze was unleashed onto the screen followed by the message, ‘Next Time it Could Be Real. Get Vaccinated for Influenza’. The reactions of visitors were captured on camera and could be uploaded to http://hurmarduidag.se.

Did it work? Traffic increased to the site by 2000% during the week that the Sneeze Box was in town. Over 2500 citizens vaccinated themselves, and over 600 people uploaded their “sneeze reaction” movies to the campaign site.

The campaign was created by Göteborg, Sweden agency SCP/Grey.

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Swedish Electronics Store Promo Invites Would-Be Thieves To Perform Complex Heist

Pause - HeistOn Thursday, November 10th Swedish electronics retailer Pause at Norrlandgaten 14 in Stockholm was robbed, but as you can see in the trailer above that the whole thing was a clever inside job.

Disgruntled ex-employee Peter Erickson hi-jacked the Pause website on Thursday night and leaked the floor plans, walkthrough and surveillance system information. Everything that you need to know to break into the store and steal an LED TV worth $5700.

Your first step was to use the website to break through a puzzle of firewalls to crack the security code. Once you had the security code, you had to so to the store after closing on November 10 and enter the numbers to unlock the door’s security system. Next you received a response code that your partner needed to unlock information on the website (yes, you needed a partner in crime) and deactivate the motion detectors. After you reached the showroom, your partner would send you the shutdown code that disables the whole system allowing you to getaway with the TV.

For would-be thieves who don’t make it all the way to the big prize, there are other rewards including 10% off Pause products for cracking the entrance code, 20% off for getting past the motion detector and 30% for making it as far as the showroom.

It all sounds pretty crazy, but you can bet that the events that evening were tightly controlled. A message on the Pause Heist website promises that they will post the ‘surveillance’ videos soon. I can’t wait to see them.

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The Swedish Post Challenges iPhone Users to Deliver & Win Virtual Parcels

Swedish Post - Do You Have Sweden's Safest HandsIt seems that lately most of the innovative mobile applications and campaigns are coming out of Sweden. The latest example is the campaign for Posten (the Swedish Post), produced by ad agency Åkestam Holst and app developer From Stockholm with Love.

The campaign is looking for ‘Sweden’s Safest Hands’, handling a virtual delivery bicycle to deliver mystery parcels to their assigned destination. To participate, players first download the Trygga Händer (Safe Hands) app, then wait for the release of the parcels that happens daily at 6am, 12pm and 6pm. The players must deliver their parcel safely to it’s destination within 24 hours to win the mystery contents. The contents of the parcels are valued between SEK 300 to SEK 5,000 (USD $42 – $720).

The challenge takes advantage of iPhone features including the compass and GPS to detect and follow the route to the parcel’s destination. The accelerometer is used to keep track of the steadiness of the player. If the player moves too fast and jerky the bicycle will veer outside of the safety zone and the parcel is lost. The player must re-select their package and start again. To have a wider safety-zone to play within, participants can ‘power-up’ by finding and checking-in to a Swedish Post location.

The campaign is reminiscent of New Balance’s ‘Urban Dash’ Vodafone’s ‘Buffer Busters’ or Mini Getaway games, all of which combine real world activity with mobile technologies in innovative ways. Coincidently those three games were created by Monterosa, another Swedish developer.

Ariel Fashion Shoot Lets You Win the Clothes You Stain

Ariel Fashion ShootLaundry detergent brand Ariel, has launched the Ariel Fashion Shoot, a fun campaign for their Danish and Swedish Facebook fans. Instead of using a camera to shoot pictures of pouting fashion models, Ariel has invited their Facebook fans to try to shoot designer clothes with a jam, chocolate or ketchup.

Each day, participants take their turn controlling the robotic spray nozzle and try to hit one of the designer clothing items that is yanked across a line in front of the user. If they manage to stain the item, they win it. The clothing item is then washed in Ariel Actilift laundry detergent and shipped to the winner.

They do admit the jam, chocolate and ketchup have been diluted so that they don’t clog up the spray nozzle, but it’s still an interesting and unique demonstration of the capabilities of the laundry detergent.

The campaign is broadcast live from Stockholm Central Station between August 29 and September 3 with 1000 pieces of designer clothing up for staining. When it comes to jam, chocolate and ketchup stains, I wouldn’t even need the spray nozzle to win this competition.

Mosquito Report App Gives Swedes the Latest Buzz on the Outdoors

Thermocell - Swedish Mosquito ReportIf there’s one thing that Canada and Sweden share besides short summers, it’s the bugs especially mosquitoes. Who hasn’t come back from a picnic, camping trip or even an evening on the back deck covered with legs and arms covered in itchy mosquito bites. Wouldn’t it be great to know what the mosquito conditions are before you head out.

In Sweden, Thermacell, a maker of mosquito repellent devices may have a solution with their Myggrapporten (Mosquito Report) iPhone app. Users of the app can report the mosquito conditions at their location, helping others who will be visiting that spot help prepare.

The app is ready to make recommendations about the type of mosquito repellent device that will help with the reported conditions. It quickly became one of the most popular apps in the Swedish Appstore.

This app is only a hint at what we see in the next few years with users reporting weather, traffic (or mosquito) conditions at their present location. Sensors that attach, plugin or are built-in to mobile devices will make self-reporting easier.

The app was created by Stockholm agency Deportivo.