Subaru Promote Collision-Avoidance System with Mini-Car Music Player Installation

Subaru Eyesight - Mini Car Symphony

To promote the capabilities of Subaru’s ‘Eyesight’ collision-avoidance technology, the car company fitted dozens of mini-Subarus with a pair of forward-facing stereoscopic cameras similar to the ones of the real cars.

A tiny speaker on the car beeps as it approaches a strategically-placed white cube. More and more cars beep as they approach the mini traffic jam, stopping just short of each other thanks to Eyesight.

A metallic claw appears from above and removed the cube, sending the now dozens of cars safely off in their different directions.

[via Digital Buzz]


Subaru Launches Sizzling Campaign for New BRZ in Montreal


Subaru Canada had heads turning on the streets of Montreal last month with an an ambient street-art installation featuring a 2013 Subaru BRZ surrounded by a burnt mailbox, singed bike rack, melted street lamp and a massive 32’ heat-blasted brick wall.

The installation was enhanced with singed posters featuring a QR code and embedded with NFC enabled tags provided by TAPmeTAGS Inc. The tags were directed consumers to a dedicated BRZ landing page where they could learn more about the vehicle, view images and book a test drive.

The Montreal ambient installation will be coming to major cities across Canada this summer.

The national campaign features also features a 60-second online film titled ‘Scorched’. The film was captured with Phantom camera technology capable of creating extreme slow-motion shots.

The campaign was created by Toronto’s Tribal DDB.


To enhance the installation DDB Public Relations engaged Canadian NFC tech firm, TAPmeTAGS Inc. to provide NFC enabled tags as part of a test-pilot program to encourage consumer interaction onsite. Singed wild postings surrounding the installation encouraged passersby to “tap or snap” using their NFC phones. This directed consumers to a dedicated BRZ landing page where they could learn more about the vehicle, view images and book a test drive.

Subaru Has Toronto Newspaper Readers Seeing Double

Subaru BRZ

Readers of Toronto weekly ‘The Grid’ were seeing double this weekend. The front cover of the newspaper looked different depending on what angle you were looking.

From one angle it looked like a regular cover of the Grid highlighting the important stories in the issue. Turn your head slightly and an ad for the 2013 Subaru BRZ appears out of flames.

This trick-of-the-eye is a technique called lenticular printing, which was actually invented back in the 1940s but has evolved recently to add more depth and motion.

The creative for the ad comes from Subaru’s agency DDB Canada.