Presents Xtreme Hotel Booking 2: Running with the Bulls - Andy Bell Runs with the Bulls

Last year demonstrated their mobile app by having veteran parachute jumper JT Holmes jump out of a plane at 20,000 feet over Lake Tahoe, and attempt to book a hotel room during his freefall.

This year they’ve recruited former member Nitro Circus, and Kelowna, BC’s own Andy Bell for Xtreme Hotel Booking 2. Andy’s challenge? Use the mobile app to book a room while running with a herd of rampaging bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Every year hundreds of people are injured (mostly minor) during the runs at the festival, but the truly unfortunate part is most of these powerful bulls are killed as part of the bullfighting events that occurs in the afternoon.

The ad was created by Y&R Chicago.

[via Agency Spy]

Amazing 3D Street Art Promotes European Release of The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises - 3D Street Art, MadridStreet artists 3D Joe and Max (Joe Hill and Max Lowrey) have traveled the world creating mind-bending optical illusions for brands such as Disney, Sprite, and Google. They are best-known for creating distorted street art using a technique that when viewed from the correct angle create an optical illusion of extreme depth.

Last November, the duo braved the elements to claim Guinness Records for both the largest (3807 square feet) and longest (350 feet) piece of 3D artwork in a project promoting Reebok Crossfit.

Their latest mind blowing project was created on the streets of Madrid, Spain to mark the European release of the latest Batman movie,’The Dark Knight Rises‘. In the piece the street appears to be crumbling into a fiery lava pit shaped like the Batman logo.


Banco Sabadell Celebrates 130th anniversary with Orchestral Flashmob

Som Sabodell Orchestra Flashmob

On May 19, people enjoying a quiet evening out at Placa de Roc in Sabadell, Spain were in for a wondrously noisy surprise.

What appears to be a single street performer playing the opening notes of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony quickly expands to include more and more musicians. The group eventually includes over 100 people from the Orchestra Simfònica del Vallès and singers from the Amics de l’Òpera de Sabadell, Coral Belles Arts and Cor Lieder Camera.

The flashmob was assembled to celebrate it’s 130th anniversary of Banco Sabadell.

The creative agency for the flashmob was Remake and the film was shot by Onidea.


Audi Creates Artful Skid Marks to Celebrate El derbi Español

Audi Creates Artful Skid Marks to Celebrate El Derbi de BarcelonaFirst of all, I don’t mean ‘those’ kind of skidmarks, but based on a few of the close calls seen in the video I can’t vouch for the two drivers.

Audi is celebrating the December 10 Derbi game between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona by putting two of their sporty A3s to a unique test of speed and agility on a foggy tarmac. Audi happens to be the official vehicle sponsor for both Spanish football teams.

As seen in the video the two drivers zigged, zagged and spun their Audis in controlled slides around the carefully positioned pylons. As they drove they laid down dozens of rubber skid marks in what appears to be random patterns. In the end, the results were anything but random as we see the skidding cars have created an abstract image of two football players battling for the ball.

The campaign was created by the folks at DDB Spain.

via AdRANTS.

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Real-World Angry Birds Game Launched in Barcelona

On May 11, in a promotion for Deutsche Telekom, Saatchi & Saatchi U.K. teamed up with game-maker Rovio to create a real world version of the wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds in Barcelona, Spain.

Angry BirdsA mobile phone in a kiosk acted as the game controller, launching the birds out of the digital display and crashing them into the real-world structures.

You can read more about the mechanics of the experience in this Creativity interview with Greg Brunkalla of Legs, the production company tasked with creating the real-life version of the game.

After watching the video, the iPhone version of Angry Birds seems a little tame.