Solar Charging Dummies Demonstrate the Recharging Power of a Sunny Holiday

Spies Travel - Solar Charging Dummies

With the insight that four Danes experience winter depression and a study that shows that 58% would like travel to warmer destinations to recharge, SPIES Travels, the largest travel company in Denmark and their agency, and their agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded created a fun experiment.

They drafted in the Technical Institute of Denmark to create two solar charging dummies covered with over 3000 flexible solar panels. The two dummies were sent off on separate vacations, Soren was flown to sunny Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, while Urik was stuck at home in snow covered Solrod, Denmark.

After a week, the dummies were brought back to the Institute to test their energy levels. Their batteries were hooked up to robots to demonstrate how that extra energy would play out at the workplace and in the bedroom.

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