JWT Brings Justice League’s “Super Formula” to Kids at São Paulo Cancer Centre

JWT Brazil - Justice League Cancer Treatment for Kids

The prospect of undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the first time can be terrifying enough for adults, let alone kids. To help the children of the São Paulo’s A.C.Camargo Cancer Center, the creative folks of JWT Brazil enlisted the help of DC Comics’ The Justice league.

JWT worked with Warner Bros. to create a series of comic books in which Justice league characters recover their strength thanks to a “Super Formula”. The Super Formula was delivered via intravenous bag concealed within plastic covers branded with the logos of Justice league superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

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Worms Eat Away at Poster to Highlight Anti-Drug Message

Crack Consumes - Beetle Larvae

A campaign running at the Galleria do Rock (Gallery of Rock), a rock-themed mall in São Paulo, highlights the dangers of crack cocaine by showing the faces of people living with addictions literally being eaten away from the inside.

The posters printed on dough, contained hundreds of hungry beetle larvae that happily ate away at the poster, reinforcing the message “O Crack Consome” (Crack Consumes).

The campaign was created by São Paulo agency Talent.

Crack Consumes from Malabar Filmes on Vimeo.

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Parking Lot Installation Turns Drivers’ Everyday Cars Into Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels my Ride

Since their introduction by Mattel in 1967, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced, finding their way into the hands of children and avid adult collectors alike. While most of the common series of cars can be found for under $2, the highest price ever paid for a Hot Wheel was when a collector paid nearly $72,000 for an extremely rare 1969 pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb.

To help people envision their everyday car as a Hot Wheels car, agency AGE Isobar created a cool installation installation in a shopping centre parking lot in Sao Paulo.

Drivers could drive their car directly into a life-size replica of the Hot Wheels plastic blister package, and have their picture captured and shared on Facebook. The production crew captured images of nearly 3000 cars in just a week.

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São Paulo Bar Targets Drinking Drivers With ‘The Responsible Sip’

Blá Bar Responsible Sip

Drunk driving is a huge issue no matter where you live. In Brazil, harsher traffic laws were introduced a few years ago but unfortunately did little to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roads there.

São Paulo’s Blá Bar came up with a way to drive home the message to their customers, ‘The Responsible Sip’. Drivers were identified by the parking staff as they entered the bar, and when they ordered a beer it arrived at the table in a special glass printed with a series of humorous quotes of how the evening might proceed if they continued to drink more alcohol.

While most drivers switched to non-alcohol drinks for the remainder of the evening, others continued to drink. Those drivers were given the number for a taxi with their bill.

The stunt was created by QG Propaganda, Brazil.


If You’re Drunk Enough to Sing Karaoke, You Might Be Too Drunk to Drive

Karaoke BreathalyzerI admire anyone brave enough to get up and sing karaoke, whether they have been enabled by some liquid courage or they actually have singing skills worth sharing. Singing in the shower? That’s more my style. I can only hope that my building neighbours enjoy my unique take on 80s classics like ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘The Safety Dance’ at 7am.

But this promotion is not about bad singing, it’s about raising awareness about the issue of drunk driving. The folks that previously brought you the creative ‘$73,000 Bar Tab‘ and ‘Drunk Valet‘ experiential campaigns, Sao Paulo’s Bar Aurora and restaurant Boteco Ferraz present their 2012 drunk driving awareness campaign ‘Karaoke Breathalyzer’.

To ‘alert’ the would-be singers (why, oh why do they choose Bohemian Rhapsody?) aware of their ‘condition’, they rigged-up the karaoke microphones with breathalyzers. When each song ended, the screen would show their blood-alcohol reading instead of their karaoke score.

The campaign was created by Ogilvy, Sao Paulo, with the video clip produced by Bossa Nova Films.

Scotch Brite asks São Paulo diners, “Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Wash the Dishes”

Scotch Brite - Don't Want to Pay the Bill? Wash the DishesHow do you create a fun experiential campaign to promote a dish washing sponge to an audience in their 20s? Buy them dinner.

3M’s Scotch Brite may be the #1 sponge brand in Brazil, but there was little awareness among the younger audience. For one week Scotch Brite teamed up with São Paulo restaurants that were frequented by the target market.

When the bill arrived, the diners were presented with an intriguing offer. Instead of a bill, the waitress passed them a Scotch Brite sponge with the message; “Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Wash the Dishes”.

As explained in the video, for a relatively small investment and using the element of an unexpected surprise, Scotch Brite created a ‘try-it-yourself’ experience worth talking about.

The ‘Wash Your Bill’ campaign was created by Grey 141’s office in São Paulo.