Canadian LGBT PSA Seeks to Keep the Winters Olympics ‘A Little Gay’

Canadian Institute of Diversity - Luge

With the official opening of the the Sochi Winter Olympics imminent, discussion around Russia’s controversial laws against gay “propaganda” is still a hot topic. The Canadian Institute of Diversity, is addressing the issue with a new PSA.

Set to the synth sounds of Human League’s new wave classic ‘Don’t You Want Me’, the ad shows a two-man luge team preparing for run by… ahem, thrusting to build-up momentum.

The ad copy reads “The Games have always been a little gay. Let’s fight to keep them that way”.

The ad was created by Rethink, and will be seeded through PR and social channels.

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Mother London Creates Nested Doll Set in Support of Russian LGBT Community

Mother London - Russian Dolls

As a sign of solidarity with Russia’s besieged LGBT community, ad agency Mother London has created a set of nested dolls featuring well-known gay icons Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Norton and Tom Daley (seriously folks… no Freddie Mercury??).

Seven sets of the limited edition dolls will be auctioned off at between December 13th and 22nd with proceeds supporting the work of The Kaleidoscope Trust with the Russian gay community.

In the spirit of giving, Mother London plans to deliver a set of the dolls to the Kremlin as well as the Russian Embassy in London this holidays.

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30 Squats Can Earn You Subway Fare on the Moscow Subway

Sochi Olympics - Moscow Subway Squats

In less than 3 months the Russian city of Sochi will host the Winter Olympic Games.

To help promote the games, the Russian Olympic committee has installed a special ticket machine at the Vystavochaya subway station, west of Moscow. But unlike other machines, commuters can earn their ticket by doing 30 squats.

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Cherkashin Meats Ad Shows Russians Rushin’ for Their Sausage

Cherkashin Meats - Commercial breaks

Why has these Russians in a panic? A house fire, a murderous intruder, or maybe an alien invasion?

No, no and no, it turns out that these folks are rushing to get the fridge for some Cherkashin Meat Factory sausage during the commercial break of their favorite TV show.

The ad was created by ad agency Voskhod, and directed by Marc Wilkins for RadioАktive Film.


Philips Russia Recreates Classic Dutch Paintings in ‘The Art of Ironing’

Philips Russia - The Art of Ironing

Philips Russia has come up with a highly creative way to demonstrate the ability of their Azur iron and Pro Touch steamer to remove any trace of a wrinkle, fold, or crease from linen.

In the video, an artist folds and creases the linen re-creating the work of three famous Dutch painting masters (Philips is a Dutch company). He then uses the Philips iron and steamer to return the sheets to their original flatness, before repeating the process for the next piece of art.

The three works are Girl with the Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer, and self-portraits of Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

The ad was created by DDB, Moscow.


Nike’s Facebook Finger Race App Promotes Lunarglide+ Shoe in Russia

Nike Running Russia - Finger Race

Can your fingers go the distance?

You probably should warm up with a few deep-knuckle lunges before you slip your fingers into a virtual pair of Nike Lunarglide+ running shoes on the Nike Running Russia Facebook page.

The app uses your webcam to capture the movement of your fingers and translate it into the forward movement of the shoes. It’s not easy, after a half dozen attempts I only managed a paltry .28 km in 45 seconds. The leading runner so far somehow managed to ‘finger run’ an incredible 39.38 km in just over an hour.

The app was created by Mindshare Russia.

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