Kmart’s Revisits Popular ‘Ship my Pants’ Ad with a Holiday Twist

Kmart - Ship My Trousers

Back in April, DraftFCB brought new attention (and over 20 million YouTube views) to Kmart with the double-entendre filled ‘Ship my Pants‘ TV commercial. That was followed shortly by the similarly themed ‘Big Gas Savings’ ad and the more recent Joe Boxer tie-in ad ‘Show Your Joe’.

With the holidays in full swing, Draft FCB has brought back ‘Ship My Pants’, but with a Charles Dickens twist as ‘Ship My Trousers’. The same actors from the original commercial are now dressed in period costume as characters from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

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Foot Locker Ad “Rights the Sports World’s Wrongs” with Tyson, Holyfield and More

Foorlocker - Week of Greatness

In the new spot promoting Footlocker’s ‘Week of Greatness’, Cleveland Cavalier point guard, Kyrie Irving feels that all is right with the world,

Kyrie may be right on the money with that thought, as the ad goes on to show Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield making up over the “ear incident”, Dennis Rodman booking a one-way flight to North Korea, Craig Sager burning his colorful sports jackets, and Brett Favre realizing it’s time to walk away… from pie.

The ad was created by BBDO New York, and directed by Jim Jenkins of O Positive Films.

FYI: there is a Tumblr blog dedicated to Craig Sager’s colorful wardrobe. However, in my opinion he doesn’t hold a candle to our very own Don Cherry.

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Excuse Me? I Can Do What With My Pants at Kmart?!?

Kmart - Ship My Pants

To get the word out that Kmart is offering free shipping on anything you can’t find in the physical store, DraftFCB has created a hilarious ad that will have people doing double takes across the US.

As the customers happily explain in the video, you can not only ship your pants, but also drawers, nighties, or if you’re up to it, ship the entire bed. Hilarious.

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John Lewis’ Christmas Ad Follows Snowman on Epic Shopping Journey

John Lewis Christmas Ad - The Journey

UK department store chain John Lewis is out of the gate early with their 2012 Christmas ad. The ad follows the quest of a snowman who one morning mysteriously disappears, leaving the snow-woman behind as he heads off on an epic (but very slow) journey over mountains, through flocks of sheep, across streams, over highways and past raucous gangs of snowball-throwing . The special purpose behind the quest is finally revealed upon his return on Christmas morning.

This year’s ad features a remake of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s classic ‘The Power of Love’ by English singer-songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin. John Lewis ads from past Christmas’ since 2008 have featured versions of other classic songs, including Slow Moving Millie’s (Amelia Warner) rendition of The Smiths “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” in 2011, Ellie Goulding version of Elton John’s “Your Song” in 2009 (which went on to reach #2 on the UK singles chart), 2009 saw Taken By Trees record Guns n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’Mine“, and in 2008 Matt Spinner performed the Beatles’ “From Me to You“.

‘The Journey’ was created by adamandeveddb.


Harrod’s London Holds Pinterest Contest to Inspire Royal-Themed Store Window

Harrod's Street Party Window Pinterest ContestHarrod’s Department Store in London is home to some of the most famous window displays in the world, but they’ve made the call to Pinterest to help design a very special window with the theme ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee Street Party’. Harrod’s have posted an sample Pinterst board to help get participants creative juices flowing.

UK Pinterest users are asked to ‘pin’ images to a board they create with the title ‘Harrod’s Street Party Themed Window’. Once they’ve completed their board, they have to tweet @HarrodsofLondon with a link to the board and the hashtag #HarrodsWindows. The winner will be brought to London for the official unveiling of the window in May.

Deadline for entries in April 19.

For more Pinterest contests, check out ‘5 Examples of Contest Promotions on Pinterest‘ on the Delvinia blog.

Moosejaw X-Ray Vision App Gives You Sneak Peek Underneath Catalog Models’ Clothing

Moosejaw Winter Catalog - X-Ray AppUS outdoor clothing retailer Moosejaw is giving it’s Winter catalog readers a much more revealing look at it’s models. They’ve released the X-Ray Vision app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices allowing readers to see what interesting items their catalog models are wearing underneath their heavy winter jackets and pants.

If you don’t have a print version of the Moosejaw catalog you’re still in luck, the app is also designed to work with digital versions of the catalog available at or the Moosejaw Catalogs App for the iPad. The app can also be used on signage at one of Moosejaw’s retail stores.

Now, I hope someone out there has a good explanation as to why that dude on Page 40 has an octopus underneath his clothes in what appears to be saran wrap.

US Grocery Chain Offers Scan-as-You-Go Shopping

Scan It! Shopping AppOn Monday shoppers at US grocery store chain Stop & Shop can scan their purchases using their Android or iPhone app called ‘Scan It!‘ developed by Modiv Media. The shopper begins by scanning their Shop & Stop loyalty card with their iPhone’s camera. The app uses the camera to scan the bar codes of items the shopper adds to their shopping bags. The purchases are totaled through the app and the shopper checkouts using their debit or credit card without unloading or interacting with a cashier. It’s an honor system, but the store will do random checks to make sure shoppers are scanning and paying for everything in their bags.

The smartphone apps build upon the existing ‘Scan-It!’ technology that previously required proprietary hand-held scanners, and more importantly lowers the cost of the system per store from $80,000 to only $7,000. Relevant offers can be sent to the phone based on the shopper’s previous purchasing habits. The system can use the store’s wi-fi network to locate to determine where in the use is in the store and send additional relevant offers around the immediate area.

The first question that always pops into my mind with these technologies is, “Do shoppers really want this?”. It seems like it would take twice as long to do and shopping if I have to stop, turn on my phone and app, scan the code and then move on to the next thing on my list. Not to mention deal with all the tips and special offers (I assume I can turn those off or set a limit). After watching the Scan It! demo video, I’m thinking that all this activity would slow down the shopping experience even more than it is now.

I know from talking to people that design store flow that slowing down the shopping experience is not a good thing. They design a store specifically for flow, with the idea of getting an ideal number of shoppers through within a defined time period, and even if a few of those shoppers are stopping to scan items as they shop, or to consider offers, crisscrossing the store to take advantage of related product offers, the whole shopping flow will bog down.

I do believe that large grocery stores will eventually have a self-shopping experience but its not going to include busy shoppers visually scanning each item with their smartphone. A method of scanning items using a contactless system is a much better solution. Items that are added or removed from a shopper’s cart are automatically totaled with a final transaction occurring as the shopper exits the store – and the amount of the purchase is removed from a user’s account according to pre-defined methods.

The intelligent shopping experience has always been the dream of futurists, allowing shoppers to move freely from store to store without having to reach into the wallets and purses for cash or a credit card. I for one would love to see store employees freed up to assist customers rather than spend time tapping buttons and making change.