Andes Beer: The Story of a Man Who Had Bottlefingers

Andes Beer - Mr Bottlehands

In this beautifully produced spot for Andes Beer titled ‘A Singular Man’ we meet Louise, a young women who has taken a job to help care for a mysterious, shy man who is afraid to leave his house.

Why hasn’t he left the house? Well, the man has a tragic case of beer bottles stuck to his fingers (I thought about Edward Scissorhands immediately). The man is unable to shave, play a record… but somehow was able to put his pants on before she arrived (yeah, I notice things like that).

Louise gradually brings the man out of his shell, they pet a cat together, they dance, then share a kiss. Until one morning…

The ad was created by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, and directed by Nico & Martin.

[via Creativity]