South Australia Tourism Uses Nick Cave Song to Lure Tourists to The Barossa Valley

South Australia Tourism - Barossa: Be Consumed

Not “every” song by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds is super-creepy. There’s the one about the wild roses down by the river, it only had one murder mentioned in the lyrics.

While the majority of his lyrics do indeed explore the dark side of the dark side of life (so dark I had to say it twice), the last place you might expect to hear lyrics like, “On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man. In a dusty black coat with a red right hand” would be in ad promoting tourism.

In a clip promoting the Barossa Valley, a major wine-producing region and tourist destination in South Australia, the dark moody lyrics and sounds of Cave’s “Red Right Hand”, first released on his 1994 album “Let Love In” are featured. The song adds an ominous tone to slow-motion scenes of a man carrying dead rabbits, a woman plucking a pheasant, plus bread being baked, sides of beef swaying and milk being “swished” in the dark shadows. All of these scenes lead up to an outdoor feast, that while a bit creepy, still has my mouth watering.

The spot titled “Barossa: Be Consumed” was created by Adelaide agency kwp! and directed by Australian filmmaker Jeffrey Darling. The ad will begin appearing on television networks starting June 2, followed by a digital and print campaign.

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Artists Re-Interpret Nick Cave’s Ship Song for Sydney Opera House Tribute

Sydney Opera House - The Ship SongLet me first say that any project involving Nick Cave gets my attention, so when I saw that the Sydney Opera House had released a version of The Ship Song I was all over it. The song provides the natural soundtrack for the visuals of the stunning sail-inspired architecture.

As the song transitions from scene-to-scene you’d never guess that it was actually recorded and shot over a period of 10 months before their respective performances at the Opera House. It’s an inspiring piece of work that sent shivers up my spine and raised goosebumps on my arm as the song’s intensity builds to a climax. One of several highlights is the performance by Melbourne’s Temper Trap.

Among the other performers on The Ship Song project are Neil Finn (of Crowded House fame), Martha Wainwright, Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly. Several of the Sydney Opera House’s resident companies are featured in the project including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia.

The Ship Song project was created by Sydney-based creative agency Three Drunk Monkeys and directed by award-winning music video director Paul Goldman.

The Ship Song can be purchased on iTunes.