Mountain Equipment Co-op Link to History Via QR Code

Mountain Equipment Co-op - QR code muralDespite seeing QR codes popping up on virtually every corner around Toronto these days, it’s always interesting to see and make note of the various ways that retailers are using them. I spotted this QR code today outside the Mountain Equipment Co-op store at King West and Peter Street.

The mural celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the BC-based recreation outfitting company, and the QR code links passerby to a mobile page and great video detailing that history from the original group of six climbers pooling their $65 to create the company in 1971.


  • The QR code is a good size, it’s easily scanned if you can get close enough.
  • The destination page is mobile friendly (seems obvious but still some executions fail on this)
  • the content is a natural extension of the campaign and mural

Not so awesome

  • No instructions on what the QR code is, what to do with, or how to get download a QR code scanner app.
  • No alternative short code or url for users without scanner apps.
  • The position behind the bike racks is awkward to get to.

I think expecting every single person walking by with a mobile phone to stop and scan the QR code is unrealistic. Alternative ways to access content should be made available to the user as in the Macy’s and First Bank examples that I wrote about last week.