MINI Mexico Shocks Women With Bathroom Airbag Stunt

MINI Mexico - Makeup Crash Stunt

The stakes keep rising in the competition to attract people’s attention online. Agencies around the world continue to release videos featuring (supposedly) unsuspecting people reacting to elaborately orchestrated pranks.

In this example created by Publicis for MINI Mexico, they hope to raise awareness of the danger of distracted drivers, particularly among women who apply makeup while driving. Women who stopped to freshen their makeup, screamed in shock when an airbag exploded out of the specially rigged soap dispenser.

The clip attempts to make a tenuous connection between data like “6 out of 10 women wouldn’t dream of going to work without makeup” and “1 out of 4 believe that not wearing makeup could cost them a promotion” to make the conclusion that that is why some women apply makeup while driving. Or maybe it’s not such a far-fetched thought, as a 2009 UK study found that more than 1 in 5 women drivers admitted to having applied cosmetics while driving.

[via Design Taxi]


Dusty Car Windows in Mexico City Used as Ads for Jeep Promo

Jeep Mexico - Wash Me Stencil

Whenever I used see the back window of a car covered in dust, it was all I could to hold myself back from writing ‘Wash Me’ on it.

Thankfully, there are folks like Texan, Scott Wade, with far more ambition and talent who has made a name for himself as the Dirty Car Artist. Scott uses the dusty back windows of cars as his canvas, creating breathtaking pieces of artwork. You can check out his full gallery of dirty car art here.

The Mexico City offices of Leo Burnett recently launched a campaign for Jeep using those same dusty car back windows as advertising billboards. The agency washed a stencil onto the dusty window that read “Se ve fue te gusta el off road” (It looks like it was off the road), and the URL for

Larga vida a los vehiculos sucio. (Long live the dirty car)

[via Creative Criminals]