McDonald’s Salute Blackhawks’ Victory with Hockey Stick Fries Bus Shelter

McDonalds - Go Blackhawks

Ad agency Leo Burnett and the McDonald’s operators of Chicago and Northwest Indiana, unveiled a fitting tribute to the hometown Stanley Cup champions Chicago Blackhawks with a series of bus shelter displays featuring hockey sticks that looked like french fries. As part of the campaign the agency and McDonald’s will make a donation of hockey sticks to local youth hockey programs.

[via Chicago Business Journal]


Wilco Drummer Glenn Kotche Performs Soul Classic Using Delta Faucets

Delta Faucets - Glenn Kotche

Drummer Glenn Kotche may be best known for his work with Wilco, joining the band in 2001 for the recording of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Kotche is a versatile percussionist, who has recorded and performed with a variety of artists in a number of musical styles. Besides traditional drums and percussion, he has created home-made instruments from found objects such as scrap metal and hubcaps.

In a new ad titled “Instrumental Touch” Kotche demonstrates the precision of Delta’s tap-on faucets, performing the Four Tops classic “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by spraying water onto pots, pans and glasses.

The ad was created by Leo Burnett, Chicago, and directed by Stuart Parr of Furlined.

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French Ad for Toilet Paper Shows That Even Digital Technology Has It’s Limits

Le Trefle - Digital Has It's Limits

A new ad for Le Trèfle toilet paper shows one man’s obsessive quest to replace paper with digital in his home, constantly chiding his partner and child to use a digital tablet as the “better way” of creating art, leaving notes on the fridge door, playing a game or simply reading a book in bed.

But digital technology has it’s limits, and his whole mission unravels when he finds himself sitting on the toilet with nothing but an empty roll of toilet paper. Then it’s time for ‘Emma’ to get her revenge.

While there may not be a virtual bidet app, the toilet paper manufacturer has created a free iPhone app called ‘Où sont les toilettes?‘ that helps people find the nearest, and hopefully well-stocked washroom.

The ad was created by Leo Burnett France.

[via LSA]


Dusty Car Windows in Mexico City Used as Ads for Jeep Promo

Jeep Mexico - Wash Me Stencil

Whenever I used see the back window of a car covered in dust, it was all I could to hold myself back from writing ‘Wash Me’ on it.

Thankfully, there are folks like Texan, Scott Wade, with far more ambition and talent who has made a name for himself as the Dirty Car Artist. Scott uses the dusty back windows of cars as his canvas, creating breathtaking pieces of artwork. You can check out his full gallery of dirty car art here.

The Mexico City offices of Leo Burnett recently launched a campaign for Jeep using those same dusty car back windows as advertising billboards. The agency washed a stencil onto the dusty window that read “Se ve fue te gusta el off road” (It looks like it was off the road), and the URL for

Larga vida a los vehiculos sucio. (Long live the dirty car)

[via Creative Criminals]


Fiat Illustrates Fuel Economy of Novo Uno with ‘Powered by Pee’ Test-Drive

Fiat 'Powered by Pee' Test DrivesBefore you start envisioning the image of a dude using the gas tank of an unsuspecting Fiat Uno new… sorry, what? I’m too late?

The Fiat ‘If Pee Were Gas’ campaign out of Brazil does indeed feature several dudes doing their business, but thankfully this ‘test-drive’ challenge was confined to the men’s washroom of the bar.

Flow monitors were installed in the urinals, and a small digital screen was placed onto the wall above it. The more pee that flowed, the further the image of the Fiat Uno New traveled on the twisting roads on the digital screen. A small image of the player’s face was captured and placed onto a leaderboard along with the distance their Fiat Novo Uno drove. Thankfully the functionality to actually steer the car weren’t included.

Did it work? The case study video explains that searches for the Uno on Fiat’s website rose 12% during the promotion, and fuel-economy became the first feature mentioned at the moment of purchase (second was design).

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.