John Lewis’ Christmas Ad Follows Snowman on Epic Shopping Journey

John Lewis Christmas Ad - The Journey

UK department store chain John Lewis is out of the gate early with their 2012 Christmas ad. The ad follows the quest of a snowman who one morning mysteriously disappears, leaving the snow-woman behind as he heads off on an epic (but very slow) journey over mountains, through flocks of sheep, across streams, over highways and past raucous gangs of snowball-throwing . The special purpose behind the quest is finally revealed upon his return on Christmas morning.

This year’s ad features a remake of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s classic ‘The Power of Love’ by English singer-songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin. John Lewis ads from past Christmas’ since 2008 have featured versions of other classic songs, including Slow Moving Millie’s (Amelia Warner) rendition of The Smiths “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” in 2011, Ellie Goulding version of Elton John’s “Your Song” in 2009 (which went on to reach #2 on the UK singles chart), 2009 saw Taken By Trees record Guns n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’Mine“, and in 2008 Matt Spinner performed the Beatles’ “From Me to You“.

‘The Journey’ was created by adamandeveddb.


John Lewis Christmas Ad Features a Very Impatient Boy & the Music of The Smiths

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2011Christmas marketing seems to be launching earlier every year, so I wasn’t that surprised when I began to see holiday decorations for sale even before the Halloween candy and costumes were being packed up and put away.

UK retailer John Lewis is out early with their 2011 Christmas ad featuring a boy who like me, just can’t wait for Christmas. No matter what the boy does; including casting a spell dressed as a wizard; he just cannot make time move any faster.

John Lewis’ Christmas Ads over the past years have included some interesting remakes of classic songs. In 2008 Matt Spinner’s version of The Beatles ‘From Me to You‘ was featured. In 2009 the Christmas ad featured Taken By Tree’s version of the Guns n’ Roses classic Sweet Child O’Mine. In 2010 Ellie Goulding performance of Elton John’s ‘Your Song‘ was used and even went on to reach #2 on the UK singles chart.

The 2011 ad features Slow Moving Millie’s (Amelia Warner) rendition of The Smiths mournful classic ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’. The track can be purchased for £0.99 at the UK iTunes store. And just in case you’re curious, Morrissey is cool with the song being used in the advert.

UPDATE, Nov 21: An 11 track album of songs used in John Lewis’ ad is available for pre-order on iTunes now and will be going on sale on November 28 at £7.99, with £2 for every album sale donated to to Save the Children. A CD version will be made available in all John Lewis stores.

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