The Swedish Post Brings 1910 Christmas Cards to Life

Swedish Post - Christmas on WheelsThe Swedish Post is celebrating the holidays by bringing Christmas Cards to life in a large barn outside the town of Kalmar. Visitors to the Christmas Cards on Wheels website can watch a live video feed from a camera that travels on a track through a series of set pieces designed to mimic the artwork of Swedish artist Jenny Nyström.

Nyström’s Christmas illustrations were featured on the very first Swedish Christmas card and showed piano playing pigs, elves decorating trees and dropping cards from a balloon.

As the camera travels through the barn visitors can capture still images that can then be used to create a real Christmas postcard that can be delivered to friends and family by… you guessed it, the Swedish Post. Visitors can also interact with the props by taking control of the camera for a lap, allowing them to open the top of piano, change the colour of the Christmas tree lights and control the fire in the elves hot air balloon.

However, with a popular site like this there’s bound to be glitches and the video feed can be choppy or unavailable at peak times. The live video feed is available between 9am and 9pm (local Swedish time).

The project was created by Akestam Holst. The Stockholm-based agency has done other work for the Swedish Post including ‘Sweden’s Safest Hands’. The campaign challenged users to safely deliver packages on their smartphones. The first user to arrive at the secret destination would win the content of the package.

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