Nestlé UK Revives Retro Packaging for Alzheimer’s Society Project

Nestle Retro Packaging

Last month, a very interesting (and in my opinion, inspiring) project was announced by Nestle UK & Ireland. The company announced they were working with the UK-based Alzheimer’s Society to help people with memory disorders connect with happy memories of their past.

Alison Cook, of Alzheimer’s Society explained, “Even something as simple as an old sweet wrapper can bring back vivid memories from a happy time”.

The ‘reminiscence pack’ contains items collected from the Nestlé UK & Ireland Archive, and includes wrappers, tin labels, posters, and a board game from such historic brands such as Rowntree, Carnation, Nescafe and Nesquik.

The project is now being tested by the Alzheimer’s Society in two support groups. You can download PDFs of the retro-packaging at Nestle.

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Mates Raise Their Glasses to a Departing Friend in Tullamore Dew Short Film

Tullamore Dew - The Other Wall

If I was to create — what at least in in my head, would be the perfect Irish whiskey ad — it would look and sound like ‘The Other Wall’, a new ad from Tullamore Dew.

The long version (embedded below) starts out with a group of black suited lads walking across a lush green hillside to the tune of ‘The Parting Glass’. (here’s a version of the song by The Pogues)

They stop and turn as one quotes James Joyce, “Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.”

Glasses are passed around as the four take a seat on on a stone wall over looking a cemetery. The lads one by one fill their glasses and join in on the song. One raises his glass and offers a toast; “glasses up to my brother Jerry.”

For all purposes it appears they are there to say a final farewell to a dear friend. But then the church bell rings, a bride appears and it’s obvious that Jerry is being toasted before he departs on another kind of journey.

‘The Other Wall’ ad was created by New York ad agency Opperman Weiss and directed by Laurence Dunmore of RSA Films.

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Discover Ireland Ad Invites Londoners to Escape the Madness

Discover Ireland - Escape the Madness

Irish actor Mark O’Dowd, best known in North America as the lovable cop in Bridesmaids, is the voice (and makes a brief appearance) of a new Discover Island campaign that hopes to lure Londoners away from their soon-to-be tourist-clogged streets over to Ireland for a quick visit.

In the ad O’Dowd claims that it may take less time to fly to Ireland than it will for people in London to reach their office, and he challenges two Londoners to a race. City Boy must struggle through traffic, grab a latte and drink it at his desk, while Yer Man (love the names) must fly to Ireland and enjoy a pint of Guinness by the sea. As you can imagine City Boy is facing an uphill battle, while the worst Yer Man faces is an exploding bag or airline peanuts and a errant flock of sheep.

While you’re enjoying the video… I’ll already be on my favorite patio savoring a pint of ‘Guinnee Guinnee Blum Blums’. I’m really hoping that people really say that?

At the end you can choose the option to ‘Escape the Madness‘, where you can win a weekend trip to Ireland or ‘Embrace the Madness‘, where you can win access to the Irish Olympic House and a 200 bar tab.

The ad was put together by Publicis London.

Which of Your Facebook Friends Holds the Clue to a Missing Barrel of Jameson?

Jameson Missing Barrel Facebook GameJameson has launched an interactive game that challenges you to figure out which one of your Facebook friends knows something about a missing barrel of whiskey. To gather the clues you must search the streets of 1780 Dublin and talk to everyone from the harpist to the Librarian to the chimney sweep.

I’ve clicked through plenty of these high-concept interactive experiences over the years, and they rarely live up to their descriptions. However, the Jameson 1780 game is quite good. The writing is snappy and full of humour, the characters are well-acted and the challenges are quick and fun (however you may want to spend some extra time chatting with the Servant Girl).

The wise-cracking Bar Keeper at the Brazen Head Pub is especially well done. You must defeat him in a game of darts (which is easier said than done) in order for him to provide you with his clue. At one point during our dart game he called me ‘a devilish little maggot, which I’m assume might be a term if endearment between Dubliners in 1780, or maybe not.

Once you’ve collected all the clues it’s back to the distillery to figure out which of your Facebook friends know about the missing barrel. Still don’t know? You can always can always consult the Fortune Tellers in Phoenix Park to narrow down the choices.

The Jameson 1780 experience was developed by the Evolution Bureau, who also created the GE Facebook Air Show I wrote about back in September.

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The Warmer the Day, the Less You’ll Pay for Budweiser in Ireland

I unfortunately missed this campaign from Budweiser in Ireland when it was first launched in late April.

The first you may be asking yourself is, “If I am in Ireland – a land of awesome beers like Guinness, Harp, Murphy’s and Beamish – is a Budweiser Ice Cold draught going to be my beer of choice?” Maybe, if you can save a few Euros or if it’s free you will.

Budweiser Ice Cold IndexThis summer Budweiser has launched the Ice Cold Index app offering beer drinkers throughout Ireland special deals based on the temperature. The campaign developed by DDB UK will award drinkers a free pint when the temperature in their area reaches 20°C. If the temperature reaches 18°C or 19°C outdoors the app will offer €2 off the user’s next pint, with €1 off if the temperature reaches 16°C or 17°C.

How it Works

A user checks the app to see what the daily offer is in their region. Temperatures for the current day are taken at noon in four different locations Ulster, Connacht, Leinster and Munster.

Once the offer is active, the user can use the Pub Finder to locate one of the 2,500 participating venues across Ireland.

In the pub the user requests the unique pub code from the staff. After the code has been entered the mobile voucher is active for 2 minutes before it expires. It must then be shown to one of the barstaff to claim your savings

Beer drinkers are eligible to use the app for one beer purchase per day. But, in a valiant effort to save drinkers from themselves they can access a voucher 4 out of any 7 day period.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia. For instructions on other mobile phones, users can text the word ‘INDEX’ to 5040.

Eat Your Way to a Free Trip to Ireland on Foodspotting

Irish Breakfast on Foodspotting.comI knew that enjoying the occasional Sunday morning Irish Breakfast at The Brogue would eventually pay off. OK, well maybe not for my arteries or waistline.

Last Monday, announced that they have partnered with to celebrate everyone’s favorite Irish drinks and dishes.

Until July 31st, if you share one the eligible Irish dishes using the Foodspotting site or mobile apps you’ll be entered to win an all-expense paid trip for to Ireland.

The eligible foods include:  Black PuddingBoxtyCorned BeefCottage PieGuinnessIrish BreakfastIrish CoffeeIrish Soda BreadMeadSmithwick’s Beer and Whiskey

And now for the bad news, the contest is only open to U.S. residents. Looks like I’ll need to order another Guinness, and maybe a couple of more slices of black pudding.

Find out more about the Foodspotting app for iPhone.