Little Babies Ice Cream: So Good You’ll Want to Eat Yourself

Little Babies Ice Cream

After some quick research, I can assure you that Little Babies Ice Cream is not made from little babies. But after watching the ‘This is a Special Time ad you could be forgiven for thinking something very weird may be going on here. This clip, along with one titled ‘We Love Lickers‘ are doing their job at standing out from the crowd and bringing attention to the small company.

Little Babies Ice Cream a hand-made, small-batch Ice Cream company located in Philadelphia. They specialize in Philadelphia-style (made without eggs) and non-dairy ice cream. Their line of ice cream includes such unusual (but delicious-sounding) flavours as Hawaiian Pizza, Chipotle Chocolate and Red Velvet Spodee Chocolate Swirl (faints).

The company was started in 2011 by friends and musicians Pete Angevine, Martin Brown, and Jeffrey Ziga. They began scooping ice cream from a customized tricycle called ‘”The Flavor Blaster One”. On August 3, Little Babies Ice Cream are set to open their first brick and mortar location in Philadelphia.