WSJ Hurricane Irene Live Blog Pulls in Instagram Pics

WSJ Live Blog - Hurricane IreneWhile I am safe and far away from the effects of Hurricane Irene here in Toronto, I am still entertaining myself watching CNN reporters being pummeled by the driving rains and high winds. Hopefully everyone will stay safe and any property damage from the Irene will be minimal.

Besides watching coverage on TV throughout the day, I’ve been checking in as The Wall Street Journal posts storm updates on the Hurricane Irene Live Blog. The reports are supplemented by a feed of Instagram user’s photos that feature the hashtags #Irene, #HurricaneIrene and #hurricane.

Dealing with a hurricane usually involves heading inland to higher ground or hunkering down behind plywood-covered windows, but according to these Instagram photos it appears most people are coping with the storm with board games, great food and wine. The photos of user’s regular life are a welcome relief from the non-stop visuals of weather maps, tornado warnings and yes, reporters being rained on.

Instagram now at 7 million users
On August 3rd Instagram reported that 150 million photos have now been shared by its 7 million users since October, 2010. In fact, Instagram users are now sharing photos with each other at the rate of 15 photos per second adding up to 1.3 million photos being shared per day.