Young Couple Show Off Their Cardboard Box Home in New Kiwibank Ad

Kiwibank - Life in Paperdale

As a kid, one of the most fun experiences I can remember was being handed a large empty cardboard box that our family’s new freezer had just arrived in. My mind exploded with possibilities for the box.

I used my mother’s best steak knives to carve out doors, a windshield and a pair of super-groovy teardrop protholes to create a ‘sweet’ 1970s-style van. The van lasted through several imaginary road trips, but met with a soggy end after a hard summer rain.

In a new ad (that reminded me of that story) from Kiwibank targeting first-time home buyers, we meet Sally and Simon Brown, a young couple who have created their dream home made entirely from cardboard boxes and a lot of packing tape. The couple were undeterred when one of the walls blew away on a windy night. They simply went down to the supermarket and got a new one.

With the introduction of a law that prospective home buyers must have a 20% deposit to take out a mortgage, and the ad hopes to encourage them to work with Kiwibank to find creative ‘out-of-the-box’ ways to make their dream come true.

The ‘Life in Peperdale’ ad was created by the Assignment Group, and directed by Jason Stutter of Spooky Pictures.

[via StopPress]

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