Canadian Tire Buys & Launches a House of Innovation

Canadian Tire House of InnovationCanadian Tire has launched House of Innovation, a website featuring dozens of home improvement instructional videos. What’s unique about this initiative is that the videos are being shot at a real Toronto house purchased by Canadian Tire.

Innovative solutions will be installed inside and outside the house throughout the year. The house will then be sold with the money going to Canadian Tire’s JumpStart program, which works to help disadvantaged kids participate in organized sports and other recreational activities.

According to a survey by Canadian Tire, 52 per cent of all Canadians have five or more jobs around the house on their to-do list. 48 per cent said they lack the inspiration or don’t know where to start. House of Innovation looks to provide that inspiration and direction through the instructional videos. New videos will be added each week, including help on jobs to make the home more energy efficient, improving the look of the lawn and outdoor space, organization, basic repairs as well as car maintenance.

Each video is accompanied by a product list of the tools and products that the team used. be added to a Product List which can then be emailed or printed by the user. The site thus becomes a highly effective interactive catalog, showing tools and products withing context of their use.