Volkswagen Challenges South Africans to Find & Pin VWs on Street View

Volkswagen Street Quest - South Africa

Volkswagen holds 3 of the 10 positions on the top selling cars of all time. The Golf is #3 with 27.5 million, the Beetle at 23.5 million, and the Passat at 15.5 million.

With those numbers in mind, Volkswagen South Africa has launched Street Quest, a challenge in which players search the streets of South Africa using Google Street View and ‘pin’ as many Volkswagens as they can find. The first part of challenge is being played out over 4 weeks, with each week’s top ‘pinner’ winning a trip to Cape Town to compete in the live Grand Final. The first three Quests saw more 250,000 VWs pinned by players. To be counted cars must be clearly identifiable as a Volkswagen, if more than 3 cars are determined to be falsely pinned the player will be disqualified.

The campaign was created by Ogilvy Cap Town.

South Africa

UK Car Fans Play Hide and Seek to Win a New Citroën DS4

Citroen DS4 SeekersCitroën UK has launched DS4 Seekers, a new mobile and online multi-player game designed to promote the sporty new Citroen DS4.

Each day for 10 days starting July 19, registered players were given a virtual DS4 to hide somewhere on the streets and roadways around the UK. The players use the DS4 Seekers app and web interface to both hide and find the hidden DS4s on Google Maps or a Street View of their area. Points are earned for both hiding and finding cars, with each point giving the player an entry into the draw for a real-life Citroën DS4.

I’m curious to see what the online and mobile game interface actually looks like. It’s not clear from the promotional video above exactly how the game play actually works.

The campaign was created and produced by OMD and Candyspace Media. For more information check out the Citroën UK Facebook page.

Race Your MINI on Streets All Over the World

When creating any branded game, it’s important to provide an experience that immediately engages the user. The MINImaps Facebook Application does a great job by allowing users to drive their personalized MINI on a Google Map anywhere in the world.

MINImapsSo where did I take my MINI first? Paris, Tokyo, London? No, no and no. I dropped my mini in the middle of Mississauga and drove it home to my building. Boring choice maybe, but the game had me imagine driving a MINI around on the streets I see everyday.

The application allows you to create a race track anywhere in the world and race your MINI on it. The tracks can then be saved and shared with your friends or made available for anyone to race on. Each track even has its own leaderboard.

While the keyboard controls are clunky and the car very hard to control, I was having a ball driving the MINI around familiar roads in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

The game was developed by DDB Paris and built by Unit9.

This is not the first time that Google Maps have been used as the source for a driving games, including the A-Team Drive the Van and Vodofone’s Hometown GP.