Stunt Performers Tumble Down Mountain in Australian Ad for Schweppes

Schweppes Australia 'Tumble'

In a new Australian ad for Schweppes, a man somersaults, or as my mother used to say, “falls ass over tea kettles” down a snowy mountainside to the classical strains of Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’.

As the man continues his fall through a grassy hillside and lush forest he’s joined by more tumbling people, before their gravity-fed experience comes to a splashing end in a pristine pool of bubbly water. The ad was shot in various locations on the north and south islands of New Zealand.

The spectacular ad, appropriately titled ‘Tumble’, was created by the Melbourne office of George Patterson Y&R, and directed by Steve Rogers for Revolver.

To create the spectacular tumbling performances, the stunt people used a combination of freestyle actions, air ramps and huge towers with complex rigging set ups that were removed in post-production.

[via LLB Online]