GE Partners with Uber For Free Rides in a Deloreon Time Machine

Uber GE Deloreon

According to the DeLorean Owners Association, 8,583 DeLoreans were manufactured at the factory in Northern Ireland during the years 1981, 1982, and 1983.

When the company was forced into bankruptcy in 1982, the unique looking car with the stainless steel body looked like it was on its way to being another footnote in automobile history. That was until director Robert Zemeckis chose the car to play the part of the Time Machine in the 1985’s Back to the Future, and the two subsequent sequels.

As part of GE’s ongoing Brilliant machine campaign, the company partnered with on-demand car service Uber for free 15-minute rides around San Fransisco-area this weekend in one-of-four time-machine outfitted Deloreon. To access a free ride, Uber-users had to watch for the option to pop-up on the mobile app.

The rides were limited to 15 minutes and time-travel was not included.

[via The Verge] [photo by Maille Krause/Twitter]


Famous Robots are on the Move in GE’s ‘Brilliant Machines’ Campaign

GE - Brilliant Machines

Last week pictures and short clips of robots began to appear on the Brilliant Machines Tumblr.

A picture of K.I.T.T., the talking Trans-Am from Knight Rider driving down the twists and turns of Lombard Street in San Francisco was shared. Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet was spotted leaving the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Apparently, while we’ve distracted by zombies, South Korean dance crazes and Black Friday sales, the machines were making their move. Or were they?

On Thanksgiving, it started to make sense with the release of the ‘Robots on the Move’ (embedded below) ad. The clip shows the robots; including K.I.T.T., Robby, B-9 (from Lost in Space) and one that kind of, sort of looks like Number 5 from Short Circuit, making their way to GE headquarters where they are joined by Star Trek: The Next Generation android, Data.

The ad was created by BBDO New York, and was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

[via FastcoCreate]


GE’s Facebook Air Show Features 3D Printed Planes

GE Airshow - Maketbot 3D PrintingEach year since 1970 the Wisconsin town of Oshkosh has served as host for the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) AirVenture, America’s largest gathering of aviation enthiusiasts and aircraft.

This year’s EAA AirVenture took place July 25 to 31, however sponsor GE is hosting their own unique version of an Air Show on their Facebook page.

They’ve even asked their fans to request what type of aircraft they want to see at the air show. Their fans have responded, requesting everything from a flying saucer to the plane of the Red Baron. To bring the air show to life GE partnered with agency Evolution Bureau to actually create the various aircraft using a MakerBot Thing-o-matic 3D printer.

The Makerbot Thing-o-Matic uses a form of additive manufacturing creating a three dimensional object from a CAD file laying down successive layers of material with each pass. We had one of these machines in our boardroom for a Lunch & Learn session back in the spring and it was amazing to watch it build an object right before our eyes.

The videos that Evolution Bureau produced for the GE Air Show look like everyone had loads of fun playing with the toy planes. I love seeing the green spaceship life-off with the cotton batting trailing behind it looking like smoke. I can’t wait to see the collection of helicopters coming up next week.

Aug 4: Lift Off: Flying Saucer, B-2 Spirit & one of those planes that land on water
Aug 18: The Final Frontier: Spaceships!
Aug 25: P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress and the Red Baron

Top Chef Canada Cooks Up Contest with On-Air QR Codes

Top Chef Canada - Win a GE KitchenFans of Top Chef Canada can now win a $15,000 GE Monogram Kitchen by scanning a QR Code that will appear on-air during the show over the next 4 weeks. People who want to enter the contest but miss capturing the code during the tv show can visit the Top Chef website and capture the QR Code from their computer screen. The only other way to enter the contest is by physical mail. This should be enough to motivate viewers to download and register their Mobio app.

Mobio Identity Systems is a Vancouver-based company whose app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Once downloaded users are prompted to register their personal information. Once registered, a user can attach their credit card information to their Mobio account, turning their mobile phone into (in Mobio’s words) a “payphone”.

Mobio users scan QR codes as they appear in email, on the web, in print or on television using the app. In this example with Top Chef Canada, the user is taken to a contest entry form within the Mobio app. The difference with Mobio is that there is no need to type in your information, the user simply checks the box for name and email.

Back on April 27, Shaw Media (owner of The Food Network Canada) announced that they will be the official broadcast reseller of Mobio’s payment and marketing applications to ad agencies, media buyers and other clients across Canada.

The whole experience scanning the code from the website is very efficient, the scan and contest entry literally takes seconds. I watched tonight’s episode and missed seeing any QR code on the air during the show. Did you see it?

Top Chef Canada airs on The Food Network at 9pm ET/10pm PT.