Thirsty Parisians to Use Wifi-Enabled ‘Smart Drop’ for Evian Delivery

Reminiscent of the Red Tomato pizza at the press of a button fridge magnet, Evian water is promoting it’s Paris water delivery service (Evian at Home) with a similar Wifi connected device.

The Smart Drop attaches to your fridge and allows a user to choose an Evian product, pick a time and date when you’d like it delivered. The device then uses your wifi connection to send the order directly to Evian. Evian hopes to offer the Smart Drop to it’s most faithful users by 2013.

Is it useful? Maybe, but it’s hard to believe that the fridge of the future will be covered with so-called ‘smart objects’. Your fridge is likely ti be able to track the objects that are stored within it. Embedded sensors in food packaging like milk containers can track ‘best before’ dates and create a shopping list that can sync an app on a homeowner’s smartphone.

The Smart Drop was created by BETC Digital


Evian Invites Londoners to Pop-Up Chalet for Cocktails and Puppies

Evian Alpine ExperienceFirst off, not to pick apart the Evian Alpine Experience, but shouldn’t the puppies be Saint Bernards? Little brandy barrels around their next filled with Evian would have been awesome. However, those Husky pups look pretty darn cute.

Evian UK is bringing the sensations of the it’s mountain source to the south bank of the Thames today (January 12) by creating an Alpine Experience in a pop-up Chalet. Again I am not an Alpine expert, but this which surprisingly like a pink shipping container.

Londoners used the Evian UK Facebook page to win a 45 minute slot inside the ‘chalet’ where they could nibble on treats, enjoy a ‘snow-melt’ cocktail and of course play with puppies.