Fiat Brings 500 Abarth to Life Using 13 Naked Models in Body Paint

Fiat 500 Abarth - Body Paint

This week ESPN’s annual Body Issue hit the newsstands featuring striking photographs of nude athletes including and 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, funnycar driver Ashley Force, and 77 year-old golf legend Gary Player among others.

Going along with the theme, Fiat USA’s ad agency, The Richards Group created an ad using the strategically positioned painted bodies of contortionists, artists and models to create what looked like a Fiat 500 Abarth, all under the watchful eye of San Francisco photographer RJ Muna.

This is not the first time this concept has been executed. In the past year Clemenger BBDO created “Body Crash” for the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia, and The I.D.E.A. Brand created human motorcycles for Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

[via PSFK]


ESPN Ad Shows the Dark Side of Making Crazy Bets With Friends

ESPN, Shake on ItI’ve definitely lost more sports bets in my life than I’ve won. However, I was lucky enough to only lose a few dollars here and there. I never had the misfortune to have to mow thea lawn in a dress, get a tattoo of a rival team’s logo, or shave off one or both of my eyebrows.

But not all of my fellow sports fans are so lucky, as illustrated in the latest installment of ESPN’s ‘It’s not Crazy, It’s Sports’ ad campaign.

So remember guys, a gentleman always pays his debt. Think twice before you ‘shake on it’, or next thing you know your ‘friends’ just might be dropping you off in the bad part of town dressed like a baby. Which still might be better than be than living life with as the ‘Fart King’.

The spot was created by ESPN’s agency Wieden + Kenendy.