Nissan Transforms Gasoline Pumps Into Everyday Items to Promote Electric Car

Nissan Leaf - Bowsers Art ExhibitWith electric car technology finally starting to go mainstream, it’s conceivable that the traditional gasoline pump will disappear or possibly transform into something else.

With that in mind, Nissan Australia is promoting the Leaf, their 100% electric car, with a huge interactive exhibition in Melbourne and Sydney. The outdoor exhibit features 40 petrol bowsers (gasoline pumps) that have been transformed into useful items such as a popcorn machine, fish tank, grandfather clock, bookcase, dollhouse and even a dog kennel.

Australians can vote for a chance to win their favorite petrol bowser, while the remaining bowsers will be auctioned off.

The campaign was created by Melbourne’s WhybinTBWAGroup, with video directed by James Dive of The Glue Society, and PR handled by Eleven PR.


Mitsubishi’s Electriphobia Research Institute Combats Electric Car Anxiety

Mitsubishi Electrphobia Research InstituteAccenture forecasts that there will be 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road in the US by 2015, but for now all-electric vehicles are not a common sight. In a report released by the management consulting company, electric car buyers top concerns were how long it takes to charge and how far it can travel.

With the release of the new Mitsubishi i-MiEV pure electric vehicle, the automaker has created the Electriphobia Research Institute, tongue-in-cheek educational site to help potential buyers overcome some of the common (and uncommon) fears and anxieties around electric cars.

The Institute website features details about the 6 therapy treatments including:

  • Shock Therapy – Fear of electrocution: all objects in the lab are electrified except the car
  • The Silent Treatment – Fear of Silence: features exotic dancing mimes
  • Mapnotherapy – Range Therapy: enter your home and work address, the Commutalulator will calculate if the car will have enough juice
  • The Tailpatch – Tailpipe Separation Anxiety: eases the fear of gas-fueled cars drivers over the lack of tailpipes on EVs
  • Alternative SUbstitution Therapy – Gas Withdrawal Anxiety: the Gripe-o-Matic provides alternative things to complain about besides gas prices
  • De-Hippification – Fear of Becoming a Hippie: for those who fear electric car ownership will turn them into a hippie, this treatment includes ways of reversing that transformation including ordering a vente double-half-caf-half-ice-no-whip-mocha-latte-chino… non-organic!

The campaign was created by Toronto agency john st. Co-creative director Stephen Jurisic noted:

“EVs are still largely misunderstood. We wanted Canadians to really learn about the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and, to do that, we had to get them to spend some time on the website. So making it entertaining and fun as well as informative was crucial.”


Renault & Nissan Electric Car Ads. One brief, two executions?

Great minds think alike? What are the chances two ads from two different car companies touting their electric vehicles would be released on the same day with an eerily similar concept? Pretty unlikley, eh?

Before everyone starts getting all excited remember that Nissan and Renault created an industrial and creative alliance back in 1999. Renault holds a 43.4% stake in Nissan, while Nissan holds 15% in Renault. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is working together to develop a complete range of electric powertrains.

Adverbog published a post earlier today pointing out the similarities.

Watch for yourselves below. One alliance, one brief, two executions?

Nissan Leaf – Gas Powered Everything ad by TBWACHIATDAY Los Angeles

Renault TVC ad by Publicis Conseil

What If Everything Ran on Gas?

This week Nissan released this funny 60-second spot for the electirc-powered Leaf. Nissan imagines a world where everything runs on gasoline. Well if you live here in Ontario most of your electricity is coming from nuclear and hydro, as you can see in these charts that show us where our electricity is coming from this hour.

Watching the technician check the oil in the photocopier and the laptop being filled with gasoline from the converted watercooler are particularly funny moments. Did you notice the ‘not-so-subtle’ jab at the Chevrolet Volt hybrid? The Volt owner stands at the gas pumps and looks longingly as the Leaf drives by.

While the building of infrastructure for the recharging of electrical vehicles is still in the early stages, it’s satisfying to see these cars starting to reach the streets.