Kmart’s Halloween Costume Challenge Sets World Record

Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge

Nearly 36 percent of Americans say their biggest source of Halloween costume inspiration comes from what they see in retail stores or costumer shops, according to data collected by the National Retail Federation. A third use online search, and 26 percent turn to friends & family for inspiration.

One of those US retailers, Kmart along with their ad agency Draftfcb Chicago, have created a very cool ad featuring a selection of their Halloween costumes. The ad, filmed using 360 degree cameras, features dancer Monternez “Monty” Rezel of America’s Got Talent. Kmart challenged Rezel to get in and out of 150 of their Halloween costumes in 8 hours.

The event was filmed in a parking lot of a Kmart store in northwest Chicago and broadcast on Livestream. When it was done, Rezel had managed 150 costume changes in just 6 hours and 5 minutes, setting a Guinness World Record in the process.

I love the zombie doctor, werewolf and creepy clown costumes, but that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a bit dodgy.

The track featured in the ad is ‘Like Wolves’ by David Condos track and is available on Bandcamp.


Calling All Brainiacs; Can You Solve Dow’s Giant Chalkboard Equation?

Dow Giant ChalkboardHey, no one told me there`d be math!

That was the first thought that went through my mind when I looked at the math problem being written on a giant building-size chalkboard in New York`s SoHo District. The problem is being revealed a few lines at a time over the week with the ultimate solution being revealed on Friday.

The numbers in the formulas are associated with science and communications facts. From the obscure; 11232 (Patent number for bromine extraction) to the more mainstream; 8675309 (yes indeed, that`s Jenny`s phone number from the 1982 hit song by Tommy Tutone). It`s been hinted that when the answers to the formulas are put together it will create a narrative told in data.

It`s all a teaser campaign dreamed up by the folks at Draftfcb Chicago for Solutionism, Dow`s discussion forum for technology, science and communication.

You can follow the developing campaign on the Giant Chalkboard Tumblr blog or Twitter account.

UPDATE Sept 26: On Friday the answer was revealed to be 7 billion, which represents the soon-to-be world population.