Brilliant 3D Billboard Ad Promotes New Black Sabbath Album

Black Sabbath 13 Street Ad

The success of the new Black Sabbath album “13” is nothing less of spectacular, the album debuted on top of both the UK and US album charts. It’s the first full-length album Black Sabbath to feature original members Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler since 1978’s Never Say Die. Unfortunately, drummer Bill Ward parted ways with the band before the recording of the album, spoiling what would have been a full reunion.

A brilliantly produced billboard ad in Denmark promotes the new album by revealing one of the band’s logos from the early 70s through a large hole ripped through dozens of other large posters. It seems to suggest travelling back through time, uncovering layers of forgotten acts to re-discover the band.

The ads were created by McCann, Copenhagen.

[via Planet 1051]


Solar Charging Dummies Demonstrate the Recharging Power of a Sunny Holiday

Spies Travel - Solar Charging Dummies

With the insight that four Danes experience winter depression and a study that shows that 58% would like travel to warmer destinations to recharge, SPIES Travels, the largest travel company in Denmark and their agency, and their agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded created a fun experiment.

They drafted in the Technical Institute of Denmark to create two solar charging dummies covered with over 3000 flexible solar panels. The two dummies were sent off on separate vacations, Soren was flown to sunny Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, while Urik was stuck at home in snow covered Solrod, Denmark.

After a week, the dummies were brought back to the Institute to test their energy levels. Their batteries were hooked up to robots to demonstrate how that extra energy would play out at the workplace and in the bedroom.

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Danish Transit Riders Lose Their Minds for a Ride on the Cool Bus

Midttrafik - The Bus

I’ve been taking train, bus and subway to work and back for nearly 20 years, and I don’t recall that I ever reacted like the characters in this wild over-the-top bus ad for Midttrafik, a transport company that covers the Central Denmark Region.

What makes the bus cool? According to the web site, you can kiss (?), do homework and check Facebook in the luxurious seats. The designer bells ensure that you can get off at your favorite stop, you get your own lane and you can grin at your friends as you whiz by. If you’re in Denmark, let Midttrafik know what you’re favorite cool bus feature is, and you could win a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Samsonite suitcase or movie tickets.

The campaign was created by Midttrafik Kommunication, and directed by Marc Wilkins for M2Film.


Orchestra Surprises Commuters With ‘Moving’ Performance on Copenhagen Metro

Copenhagen Classical Flash MobCommuters on the Copenhagen Metro were treated to a surprise performance when members of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra unveiled their instruments to perform a selection from ‘Peer Gynt’ by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.

The Metro flash mob follows up their surprise performance of Ravel’s Bolero at Copenhagen Central Station last spring.

The flash mob was created as a collaboration between Radio Klassik and Danish creative agency Makropol.


Ariel Fashion Shoot Lets You Win the Clothes You Stain

Ariel Fashion ShootLaundry detergent brand Ariel, has launched the Ariel Fashion Shoot, a fun campaign for their Danish and Swedish Facebook fans. Instead of using a camera to shoot pictures of pouting fashion models, Ariel has invited their Facebook fans to try to shoot designer clothes with a jam, chocolate or ketchup.

Each day, participants take their turn controlling the robotic spray nozzle and try to hit one of the designer clothing items that is yanked across a line in front of the user. If they manage to stain the item, they win it. The clothing item is then washed in Ariel Actilift laundry detergent and shipped to the winner.

They do admit the jam, chocolate and ketchup have been diluted so that they don’t clog up the spray nozzle, but it’s still an interesting and unique demonstration of the capabilities of the laundry detergent.

The campaign is broadcast live from Stockholm Central Station between August 29 and September 3 with 1000 pieces of designer clothing up for staining. When it comes to jam, chocolate and ketchup stains, I wouldn’t even need the spray nozzle to win this competition.