Andes Beer: The Story of a Man Who Had Bottlefingers

Andes Beer - Mr Bottlehands

In this beautifully produced spot for Andes Beer titled ‘A Singular Man’ we meet Louise, a young women who has taken a job to help care for a mysterious, shy man who is afraid to leave his house.

Why hasn’t he left the house? Well, the man has a tragic case of beer bottles stuck to his fingers (I thought about Edward Scissorhands immediately). The man is unable to shave, play a record… but somehow was able to put his pants on before she arrived (yeah, I notice things like that).

Louise gradually brings the man out of his shell, they pet a cat together, they dance, then share a kiss. Until one morning…

The ad was created by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, and directed by Nico & Martin.

[via Creativity]


Just in Time for a Pantless Father’s Day, It’s Dads in Briefs

Dads in Briefs

I count myself lucky that my dad didn’t stroll around the house in his underwear when things heated up in during the summers. I do, however remember being at friends houses and seeing things that well, still shake me to this day. I had no idea that briefs came in green, yellow and brown.

What I mean to say is “Thank you Dad”.

Those experiences have led me to carefully maintain the quality of my rotation of underpants, quickly removing the worn ones and bringing in fresh recruits. But enough about me and my underwear.

However, this campaign from Argentina featuring a number of ‘dads’ working and relaxing around the house is not trying to sell underwear. The campaign is, in fact, promoting BGH air conditioners, which hopefully will keep dads cool, calm and their dad stuff covered up with pants.

The ‘Dads in Briefs’ campaign was created by Buenos Ares agency Del Campo Nazca Saachi & Saatchi.