Tour the Hot Spots of Melbourne Live with Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne - Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne is a popular destination for tourists, but travelling to the city located on the south west cost of Australia can be an expensive proposition from this part of the world.

Thanks to Remote Control Tourist, an interactive project from Tourism Victoria, you can save a few bucks and still get a live first-person view of the city’s hot spots.

For 8 hours a day from October 9 to 13, Remote Control Tourist will enable voyeuristic tourists from around the world to view live streaming video from the head-mounted cameras of the two person team. Viewers can switch between the two camera views, track the camera-wearers on Google Maps and offer suggestions to where the subjects should go next.

The project was created by ad agency Clemenger BBDO, Exit Films, and Tool director Jason Zada, famous for his 2011 viral sensation ‘Take This Lollipop‘.

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Human Lab Mice Race For Free Snacks in Australia

Fantastic Delights Hamster Wheel

A few months ago, Adelaide ad agency Clemenger BBDO created a snack vending machine that provided free packs of Fantastic Delites to people for pressing a big red button. Sounds simple, right?

What if you had to press the button 20 times? How about 100 times or 1000 times? Do jumping jacks or do a robot dance? See more here.

In the latest phase of the campaign, Fantastic Delights and Clemenger BBDO have upped their game with a human-sized mouse wheel and vending machine that gives out Vintage Cheddar (cheese, mice… I get it) and Red Onion flavour snacks. To earn their snack, people are asked to don up lab mouse costumes and must keep up with the pace of the wheel. For the quick-footed mice who reach the highest pace level, they must jump off and press the button before time runs out.


Australian Artist Paints People to Create Illusion of Smashed Car

MAC - Body Crash

You probably already seen the work of Australian, body-painting artist Emma Hack. She painted singers Gotye and Kimbea for the video of worldwide hit song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘.

Recently, Emma collaborated with advertising agency Clemenger BBDO and Motor Accident Commission of South Australia for a project called ‘Body Crash’.

She, and her team transformed 17 nearly nude bodybuilders, models and acrobats into the illusion of a crashed car. The 5 women and 12 men were carefully positioned and covered with up to 5 layers of a body paint during the 18 hour shoot.

The campaign hopes to bring attention to the serious consequences of even low-level speeding.

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‘Delite-o-matic’: How Far Would You Go For a Free Vending Machine Snack?

Fantastic Delites Vending Machine
How far would go for a free vending machine snack?

Would you push a big red button 20 times, 100 times or how about 1000 times? Would you bow down on your knees, do jumping jacks or dance around like the robot?

Ad agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide and production company Anifex combined their efforts to come up with an innovative way to promote rice snack brand ‘Fantastic Delites‘ by creating the Delite-o-Matic. A virtual version of the machine is hosted on the Fantastic Delites website. To enter the online version of the promotion, visitors are required to click the virtual Delite-O-Matic 100 times, then suggest new challenges for next appearance of the real-life machine. The more clicks that are accumulated the better the prizes get; from a Roomba for 10,000 clicks to a trip for 2 to a private island in Fiji. Contest is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

The real version of the machine made an appearance at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station where people proved how far they would go for a package of Fantastic Delites, including one woman who pressed the red button an incredible 5000 times.

Erik de Roos, account director at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide explained: “We started with the insight that once people try Fantastic Delites, they generally end up buying them. So we were looking for a unique way to get people to taste the product.”

via Ad Pitch, Campaign Brief


Australian Bank Rewards Honest Shoppers with an Instant Thank You Campaign

NAB Honesty Shouldn't Go Unrewarded

To promote their new ‘Honesty’ credit card the National Australian Bank rewarded shoppers for turning in lost items.

While the unsuspecting shoppers waited at the specially constructed lost and found counter. their name and picture was taken and distributed to other teams located in the mall. As the shoppers continued on their way they began to notice their face displayed on digital signage throughout the mall. I love the final scene where ‘Han’ sees his name spelled wrong.

The stunt was created by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.


Wellington Craft Beer Competition Promoted By Beer Brewed in a Bus Shelter

Wellington in a Pint

Click photo to view album (photo fr. Wellington in a Pint Facebook page)

The folks at Wellington, NZ ad agency ClemengerBBDO have gotten together with the pubs of Craft Beer Capital and craft breweries Parrotdog, Tuatara, Garage Project and Yeastie Boys (best name ever) to try to capture the spirit of the New Zealand capital in the ‘Wellington in a Pint’ campaign.

As part of the campaign, Anderson Design created a special shelter on Manners Street, in which they placed a special 30 litre tank (with UV coating to protect it from the sun, and heating pads to protect it from cold) of wort to ferment. In the photo album caption they admit, “it probably won’t taste very good, so we’re calling it Bad Manners”.

Round 1 began in April, and participants were asked to submit their creative idea desrcibing Wellington would be via the website or on the back of special beer-mats. A few of the more colorful examples include “”Bohemian Armpit – flavoured with a hint of cumin and patchouli”, “Courtenay’s Tears – a youthful beer best drunk on a Friday” or “Black Umbrella – dark and blows you away”.

Round 2 is the creative brewing portion where home brewers can step up and make a beer of their own to submit. For winners will be selected by a crew of judges that includes local chefs, footballers, cricketers and New Zealand’s foremost doom, stoner-rock metal group ‘Beastwars'(!!)

Round 3 will see craft breweries Parrotdog, Tuatara, Garage Project and Yeastie Boys selecting one each of the winning beers, refine it and turn it into a professional craft beer for the beer-loving masses.

On June 27 the beers will be released to the thirsty public in Wellington, and yes, I just went and checked on flights to New Zealand ($2400 return from Toronto).

The campaign is brilliantly supported by social media, including a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google Maps and Foursquare tip list.

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