Speed Up Your Yardwork with a 130mph Honda Mean Mower

Honda UK & Top Gear Mean Mower

Back in May, the folks at Top Gear had an idea to create an enhanced version of your everyday ride-on lawnmower. Honda UK and Team Dynamics, who campaign Honda Racing’s Civics in the British Touring Car Championship, took up the challenge.

They began with Honda’s regular HF2620 Lawn Tractor, and re-engineered the mower from the ground up using an all-new fabricated chassis made from 4130 chromoly, added custom-built suspension, ATV wheels, and a steering rack taken from a Morris Minor. The engine was swapped out for a 1.0 liter engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm, the grass bag provided space for a bigger fuel tank and a high capacity oil cooler and a water cooling radiator were added.

While the Honda Mean Mower can top out at 130mph (209 km/h) on the track (here’s a video featuring Top Gear’s Stig), it still needs to be driven at a more neighbourhood-friendly speed of 15mph when actually cutting grass.

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