DDB Begium and Pedigree Use Transit Posters as Signposts for Dog Walking Tours

Pedigree Belgium - Billboard Walking Tour

Wishing to encourage dog-owners to keep their dogs healthy by walking them at least 30 minutes a day, DDB Brussels and Pedigree transformed their bus shelter advertising into signposts to create a series of 7 guided walking tours around the Belgian cities of Brussels and Ghent.

Owners who shared posts about the walking tours on the Pedigree Facebook page could receive a free Pedigree surprise pack.

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Actress Surprised When Toyota RAV-4 Test-Drive Goes Off-Road

Toyota Belgium Takes Actress on Offroad Test Drive

It looks like the use of prank videos in online advertising rages on. Here’s yet another example, this time created by Brussels agency Happiness for Toyota Belgium.

One difference is this clip does disclose up front that the woman is an actress, but that she was told that she would be recording a normal testimonial of a test drive with a Toyota RAV4. Shortly after the test drive gets underway, the driver veers off the cobblestone streets into a construction site for an off-road test of the RAV-4’s performance, handling and suspension abilities.

Despite the quick edits and the reactions of the actress to make things look exciting, the whole production comes off as safe.

[via Creative Guerilla Marketing]


SNCF Promotes Direct Rail Link by Inviting People of Lyon to Take a Look at Brussels

SBNA 'Take a Look at Brussels'

It takes only 3 hours and 20 minutes to cover the 730 kilometers between Lyon, France and Brussels in Belgium by TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning ‘High-Speed Train’).

To promote the direct-link, French National Railway Corporation SNCF set up a special installation in Lyon’s Place de la République. The large cube, emblazoned with the message ‘Passez une tête à Bruxelles’ (‘Take a Look at Brussels’), invited pedestrians passing through the square to place their head into a small hole on the side.

To their surprise, their face appeared on a giant screen at the Mont des Arts, in Brussels, where the mayor, his official band (doesn’t every mayor have an official band?) and curious members of the public welcomed them to their city.

The campaign was created by TBWA/Paris.


Olvarit Promotes Toddler Breakfast Cereal with Baby Fitness Workout

Olvarit Toddler Flakes Baby Fitness

It’s true, not a lot actually happens in this video shot in a Brussels gym. Not a lot except for… awesome super-cute toddlers in track suits being gently nudged along by their personal trainer with mixed results. Hidden cameras captured the tired cranky looks of of the adults in the gym that morning. It appears like a few of the adults could have used a more nutritional breakfast and maybe a nap.

The video was created to promote Olvarit Toddler Flakes, breakfast cereals that have been adapted to the needs of toddlers.

The campaign was created by TBWA Brussels.


MINI Belux Invites Facebook Fans to Play with Fire and Win a Car

MINI Belux - Fan the FlamesFans of the Benelux MINI Facebook page have the opportunity to both play with fire and win a new car thanks to the ‘Fan the Flame‘ contest. A Mini Countryman has been placed on a ramp in the parking lot at the European Auto Show in Brussels.

The car is held only in place on the ramp by a thick hemp rope. Facebook fans can take their turns remotely flashing a flame from an Arduino-controlled burner placed under the rope. The fan whose flame finally burns through the rope wins the car. The contest is open to anyone over 18 with a valid Belgium and Luxembourg driver’s license.

The Fan the Flame contest launched on January 10 and after 9 days there have already been nearly 19,000 attempts to burn through the rope.

No one likes to wait in line so MINI has turned line-jumping into part of the contest. Contestants receive points for participating and for sharing a link to the contest with friends. They can then use these points to challenge others ahead of them from positions 11-30 line ahead of them. If they can answer the challenge correctly they get to switch positions in line with the person they challenged. If they lose the challenge they lose points and remain in their position. I was able to get to the 11th position twice, but my inability to read Dutch without re-typing it into Google Translate had me pumped way back down the queue.

Fan the Flame was created by the Brussels office of Agency.comTBWA.