BC Dairy Association Launches Song Contest Judged By Cows

BC Dairy Association - Music Makes More Milk

Tom Hoogendoorn, his brother and families own Valedoorn Farms in Agassiz (just north-west of Chilliwack), British Columbia. Together they raise and care for 300 dairy cows, including 5; Daffodil, Jasmine, Rianne, Hester and Skylar; who will serve as the final judges in the BC Dairy Association’s Music Makes More Milk song competition.

Studies have shown that if cows like the music (classical in particular) being played in the barn, it may result in the production of more milk. Your mission is to create a song, using the online music composition application on the contest website, that the cows on Valdedoorn Farms will enjoy.

The top 15 songs will be voted on by the public until November 16, with the most popular tunes being played to the cows. A special ‘cow-cam’ will be available to watch the reactions of the bovine jury. In the final round, one finalist’s song will be played each day before milking. The amount of milk produced each day will be measured, with the song that resulted in the most milk being declared the overall winner.

The Music Makes More Milk competition was created by the Vancouver office of DDB Canada.


Giant Vending Machine Dispenses British Columbia Experiences

100BCMomentsSan Franciscans passing by Justin Herman Plaza on May 17 stumbled across a 14-foot-tall, 10 foot-wide vending machine that appeared overnight. No, it wasn’t another magical Coke machine. This was the BC Moments Machine, a promotion for Tourism British Columbia and the 100BCMoments website encouraging people to consider a visit to BC this summer.

Throughout the day the BC Moments Machine ‘dispensed’ such exciting items as mountain bikes, kayaks and BC-made surfboards.

The experiential campaign was created by Citizen Optimum, with the vending machine produced by The Media Merchants.


Tourism Richmond Recruits Foodie for 365 Days of Dining Out

Richmond, BC - 365 Days of DiningThe entries are in, and now it’s up to the folks at Tourism Richmond to sort through the 1500+ applications from foodies from around the world to select the lucky person who’ll spend the next year dining out at Richmond restaurants.

The selected applicant will be ‘required’ (tough gig) to dine out at one of Richmond’s 800+ restaurants each day, sharing the experience through photos and blog posts. For their troubles they will receive a base salary of $50,000 CAD, a daily stipend for restaurant meals, apartment and living costs, and a gym membership to hopefully offset the calories from their dining adventures.

You can keep up to date on the contest on the Tourism Richmond Facebook page and the 365 Days of Dining website.