JWT Brings Justice League’s “Super Formula” to Kids at São Paulo Cancer Centre

JWT Brazil - Justice League Cancer Treatment for Kids

The prospect of undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the first time can be terrifying enough for adults, let alone kids. To help the children of the São Paulo’s A.C.Camargo Cancer Center, the creative folks of JWT Brazil enlisted the help of DC Comics’ The Justice league.

JWT worked with Warner Bros. to create a series of comic books in which Justice league characters recover their strength thanks to a “Super Formula”. The Super Formula was delivered via intravenous bag concealed within plastic covers branded with the logos of Justice league superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

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Worms Eat Away at Poster to Highlight Anti-Drug Message

Crack Consumes - Beetle Larvae

A campaign running at the Galleria do Rock (Gallery of Rock), a rock-themed mall in São Paulo, highlights the dangers of crack cocaine by showing the faces of people living with addictions literally being eaten away from the inside.

The posters printed on dough, contained hundreds of hungry beetle larvae that happily ate away at the poster, reinforcing the message “O Crack Consome” (Crack Consumes).

The campaign was created by São Paulo agency Talent.

Crack Consumes from Malabar Filmes on Vimeo.

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Hanna-Barbera’s ‘Wacky Races’ Brought to Life in Ad for Peugeot 208

Peugeot Brazil - Wacky Races

Since 1956, the animation studios of Hanna-Barbera has produced dozens of classic animated cartoon series such as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo and dozens more. In 1968 the studio produced ‘Wacky Races‘, a cartoon series featuring 11 different race teams competing for the title of “World’s Wackiest Racer.”

From the dragster-styled ‘Turbo Terrific’ driven by Peter Perfect, to the #00 Mean Machine driven by Dick Dastardly, each one of the 11 vehicles was created with it’s own unique style and extra features.

The wacky vehicles featured in the show are brought to life in a new TV commercial playing in Brazil for the Peugeot 206. In the ad the driver of the Peugeot uses the car features to avoid the mayhem caused by the wacky race teams, eventually arriving to offer timely aid to Penelope Pitstop.

The ad conceived by Young & Rubican, was filmed in Spain and directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for Partizan.


Octopus Bonds with Boy in Quirky Mitsubishi Brazil TV Spot

Mitsubishi ASX Octopus

In a quirky new spot for the Mitsubishi Brazil, ad agency Africa and director Martin Hodara follows the story of a boy who grows up with an octopus attached to his head.

The story follows the boy through his teen years to adulthood, until one day the octopus spots a Mitsubishi ASX and makes the leap, leaving the man with a great head of hair somehow (no suction prints). I’m thinking he’ll regret the hasty decision in a few miles.

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WWF Turns Soccer Field Brown to Create Awareness of Deforestation

WWF Soccer Field Deforestation

In Brazil an area the size of a soccer (football) field is cleared every 4 minutes.

The WWF collaborated with São Paulo ad agency Grey 141 came up with a very creative way to illustrate this shocking statistic.

For 4 minutes during the live TV broadcast of a game between the women’s national teams of Brazil and Denmark the lush green soccer field brown gradually turned brown.

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Parking Lot Installation Turns Drivers’ Everyday Cars Into Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels my Ride

Since their introduction by Mattel in 1967, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced, finding their way into the hands of children and avid adult collectors alike. While most of the common series of cars can be found for under $2, the highest price ever paid for a Hot Wheel was when a collector paid nearly $72,000 for an extremely rare 1969 pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb.

To help people envision their everyday car as a Hot Wheels car, agency AGE Isobar created a cool installation installation in a shopping centre parking lot in Sao Paulo.

Drivers could drive their car directly into a life-size replica of the Hot Wheels plastic blister package, and have their picture captured and shared on Facebook. The production crew captured images of nearly 3000 cars in just a week.

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Brazilian Telecom Company Connects Kids to Santa with a Magical Payphone

Oi Magical Payphone

I still do a ‘double-take’ when I notice a payphone on the street. It seems almost inconceivable (and yes, I said that like Vizzini in ‘The Princess Bride’) that this used to be the only way we had to get in touch with someone when we were out-and-about.

Brazilian telecom provider ttp://www.oi.com.br” title=”Oi” target=”_blank”>Oi, and their agency NBS created a Magical Payphone with a direct connection to Santa at the North Pole. Actually, Santa was played by two actors from Retiro dos Artistas (an institution that takes care of retired artists), who could watch the children’s reactions via a remote camera

But chatting with Saint Nick was only the start of the fun for these kids. As they spoke with Santa, lost elves wandered by, and gifts seemed to appear out of nowhere (thanks to sneaky members of the production crew). But there was more, Santa asked the kids to find the star on the pay phone, once pressed it triggered a 3D projection, snowflakes and a Christmas choir.

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Billboard Brazil Launches the On-Hold Jam Session

Billboard Brazil - On Hold Jam

So, it turns out that I am not the only person to try banging out the chords to Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ on the keypad of a telephone, much to the chagrin sometimes of the other people on the conference call. The ‘On Hold Jam Session’ campaign for Billboard Magazine in Brazil encourages just that kind of behaviour.

Media-buyers and agencies received a special direct mail piece complete with a cheat sheet of how they too, could play along with the ‘on-hold’ at the Billboard offices. The four songs included the aforementioned ‘Smoke on the Water‘, but Van Halen’s Jump, Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and , Funkytown, a song that actually sounds like it may have been recorded on a keypad.

This initiative is a bit more tame, yet still as… ahem, hands on as the ‘Guitar-Pee‘, an interactive urinal complete with sensors that react to an… ahem, stream.

Both campaigns were created by AlmapBBDO, São Paulo.


São Paulo Bar Targets Drinking Drivers With ‘The Responsible Sip’

Blá Bar Responsible Sip

Drunk driving is a huge issue no matter where you live. In Brazil, harsher traffic laws were introduced a few years ago but unfortunately did little to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roads there.

São Paulo’s Blá Bar came up with a way to drive home the message to their customers, ‘The Responsible Sip’. Drivers were identified by the parking staff as they entered the bar, and when they ordered a beer it arrived at the table in a special glass printed with a series of humorous quotes of how the evening might proceed if they continued to drink more alcohol.

While most drivers switched to non-alcohol drinks for the remainder of the evening, others continued to drink. Those drivers were given the number for a taxi with their bill.

The stunt was created by QG Propaganda, Brazil.


Real Estate Company Uses Facebook Profiles to Create ‘Social Home Tour’

Carvalho Hosken - Social Home Tour

Anyone who’s spent any time watching TV shows about real estate, and house flipping have seen the extra work that sellers do to ‘stage’ the home. Some fresh paint, new landscaping, rented furniture and a plate full of fresh cookies in the kitchen presents the home in it’s best light.

Brazilian real estate company Carvalho Hosken had decided to launch a new condominium in an affluent area of Rio de Janeiro. Their challenge was to market the condos as tailor-made without sounding like a bad real estate ad cliche.

The company prepared a decorated unit complete with digital frames that pulled in and displayed photos from the customer’s Facebook photo albums (the customers had been asked to reserve a showing using their Facebook profile). Using the work address from their profile, the best route was plotted onto a map.

Creepy or smart?

Did it work? According to the video 28% of visits were converted into sales (three times the normal success rate).

The Social Home Tour was created by Brazilian agency Artplan.