DDB Begium and Pedigree Use Transit Posters as Signposts for Dog Walking Tours

Pedigree Belgium - Billboard Walking Tour

Wishing to encourage dog-owners to keep their dogs healthy by walking them at least 30 minutes a day, DDB Brussels and Pedigree transformed their bus shelter advertising into signposts to create a series of 7 guided walking tours around the Belgian cities of Brussels and Ghent.

Owners who shared posts about the walking tours on the Pedigree Facebook page could receive a free Pedigree surprise pack.

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Volkswagen Thwartes Fast-Forwarders With Slowmercial

Volkswagen Beetle Slowmercial

Armed with research showing that more than 1 out every 3 Belgians record and watch their favorite TV shows at a later time, and 80% of those choosing to fast forward through commercials, DDB Brussels came up with the ‘Slowmercial’ to promote the new Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio.

Even when viewed the 30 second ad is viewed at 8x normal speed it still can communicate its message to the viewer.

While this trick works fine against for fast-forwarders, it’s powerless against the controversial new ad-skipping technology.

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Toyota Belgium Uses Street Art Installations to Usage of Rearview Cameras

Toyota - Protect What's Behind You

To highlight the positive benefits of rearview cameras, Toyota Belgium collaborated with agency Happiness Brussels and street artist Ernest Zacharevic to create a series of six striking street paintings in a Brussels parking garage.

The paintings jump off the wall creating a 3D illusion by using real-world objects such as a ride-on toy, shopping cart and soccer ball, and include the tagline, “Protect what’s behind you. Drive with a rearview camera”.

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Coke Zero Stunt Challenges Would-Be 007s to Win Exclusive Tickets to Skyfall

Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!

Recently at Antwerp Central station in Belgium, several unsuspecting Coke Zero customers had the chance to experience 70 seconds of James Bond-like adventure.

After purchasing their Coke Zero from the touchscreen vending machine, customers were presented with the message “Want a Chance to Win Exclusive Tickets to Skyfall”. After entering their name, they received the instructions: “Go to Platform 6. You have 70 seconds to unlock the 007 in you.”

The violin-playing street musician standing next to the vending machine began playing the Bond theme, and the would-be Bond was on his way.

Getting to Platform 6 Antwerp Central station on a normal day is probably quite simple, but several obstacles were placed in the way including joggers, a dog walker, a collapsing fruit stand and of course a Bond girl. Once the person arrived at the platform they had to sing the Bond theme to receive their free Skyfall tickets.

The Skyfall promotional stunt was created by Antwerp agency Duval Guillaume Modem.


SNCF Promotes Direct Rail Link by Inviting People of Lyon to Take a Look at Brussels

SBNA 'Take a Look at Brussels'

It takes only 3 hours and 20 minutes to cover the 730 kilometers between Lyon, France and Brussels in Belgium by TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning ‘High-Speed Train’).

To promote the direct-link, French National Railway Corporation SNCF set up a special installation in Lyon’s Place de la République. The large cube, emblazoned with the message ‘Passez une tête à Bruxelles’ (‘Take a Look at Brussels’), invited pedestrians passing through the square to place their head into a small hole on the side.

To their surprise, their face appeared on a giant screen at the Mont des Arts, in Brussels, where the mayor, his official band (doesn’t every mayor have an official band?) and curious members of the public welcomed them to their city.

The campaign was created by TBWA/Paris.


Belgian Financial Organization Promotes Safe Internet Banking with Fake Psychic Stunt

Febelfin - Safe Internet Banking

Febelfin is an umbrella organization of the Belgian financial sector. To promote their new campaign ‘Safe Internet Banking‘ they’ve employed Dave, a medium, with what-appears-to-be very powerful ‘psychic’ abilities.

Random people were invited to appear on what they were told was a new TV show (I’m assuming the user’s were asked their names at that point). Soon Dave begins revealing things about the person that he shouldn’t possibly know, including location of tattoos, favorite vacation spots, the colour of their house, or even their credit card number.

A curtain falls and the subject can now see just how Dave knew so much. According to the agency’s web site, the stunt used top notch hackers working in real time to make people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online.

The stunt was orchestrated by Brussels communication agency Duval Guillaume Modem.


Belgian Football Fans Undress Billboards to Earn Free Tickets

Sporting Telenet Football Billboards

The Belgian Jupiler Pro Football League is set to open their season this Saturday. To drum up interest for the coming season, cable company Telenet created a giant version of the jersey for each of 16 teams, then placed them over billboards near each of the home stadiums.

The first fan who dared to steal the shirt not only got to keep the giant team jersey, but they earned 5 free football tickets for their trouble. My kudos to the one legged guy who deftly used his cane to earn his prize. Watch the video to see the ingenuity of these jersey thieves.

The campaign comes from TBWA, Brussels.

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AXA Challenges Young Belgian to Complete a Cashless Journey to Hawaii

Axa, Going to Like by Likes

Belgian bank AXA had just launched the Maxi prepaid MasterCard, a new credit card for designed young people. Users can’t exceed their credit limit and the card can be recharged from anywhere by parents. To demonstrate that the card is perfect for young people traveling abroad AXA created the ‘Going to Like By Likes’ challenge.

Cédric, a young man from Brussels was selected from over 200 candidates to complete. His mission was to travel from Brussels airport to Like Place in Hawaii as fast as he could, using just the Maxi prepaid card. The card started with a zero balance, and for every ‘Like’ Cédric received on the Going to Like Facebook page.

Cédric’s first challenge was to get 700 likes in 3 days in order to make it New York City. Once in the US he faced challenges beginning with trying to score a touchdown against the Harlem Gators, a team in the the Five Star Football League.

From there Cédric had to spend a night in the woods near where the Blair Witch Project was filmed, to the Big Texan Steak Ranch near Amarillo, home of the 72 oz steak challenge (he came up short and lost 72 credits on his card), to finding a bride for a quickie marriage in Las Vegas.

The campaign was put together by Duval Guillaume Modem.


Olvarit Promotes Toddler Breakfast Cereal with Baby Fitness Workout

Olvarit Toddler Flakes Baby Fitness

It’s true, not a lot actually happens in this video shot in a Brussels gym. Not a lot except for… awesome super-cute toddlers in track suits being gently nudged along by their personal trainer with mixed results. Hidden cameras captured the tired cranky looks of of the adults in the gym that morning. It appears like a few of the adults could have used a more nutritional breakfast and maybe a nap.

The video was created to promote Olvarit Toddler Flakes, breakfast cereals that have been adapted to the needs of toddlers.

The campaign was created by TBWA Brussels.


TNT Stuns Quiet Belgian Town With ‘Dramatic’ Launch Promotion

TNT Benelux - Push to Add DramaDo Belgians need more action and drama in their lives? Beyond the tasty waffles, chocolate and beer, we should remember that Belgium is also home to ‘The Muscles from Brussels’ himself, action star, Jean Claude Van Damme.

Mr. Van Damme aside, Turner Broadcasting has graciously stepped in to ‘increase’ the drama and action in the lives of Belgians (at least on their TVs) with the launch of TNT Benelux.

To promote the launch of the new channel, TNT placed to a large red button in the middle of a quiet town square. Above it hung a sign that read “Push to add drama”. Once the button gets pressed, all hell breaks loose. As residents watched in shock (or is that confusion?), a bumbling ambulance crew drop their patient out of the back of the vehicle, triggering a bicycle accident, fight and then gun battle. And, don’t look at me, I have no idea how the motorcyclist in red lingerie or the football players fit into it all.

The video has definitely caught the imagination of people with over 6.5 million views on YouTube in less than 2 days.

The agency behind the campaign is Duval Guilamne. The same agency was behind the stunt for Carlsberg Beer where unsuspecting couples were directed into a biker-filled movie theatre.