For Breath That Sizzles… Scope Introduces Bacon-Flavoured Mouthwash (Maybe)

Scope Bacon Mouthwash

Proctor & Gamble has launched a sizzling new addition to its line of products. New Scope Bacon Mouthwash is said to kill 99% of bad breath with 100% bacon taste.

Considering that Monday is April Fools Day, there’s little doubt that this product announcement is a joke. However, products such as bacon-flavoured lip balm, toothpaste, vodka and envelopes actually do exist.

So, maybe there is a chance that you will soon enjoy a bacon-flavoured swish after a hearty morning breakfast.


Toronto Sandwich Shop Creates Bacon Deal for ‘Pig-Shaped’ Runs

Rashers - Sweat Like a PigBacon-lovers in Toronto will be lacing up their runners and jumping on their bikes to earn themselves a 30% discount from Rashers, a bacon-only sandwich shop.

The restaurant’s new promotion ‘Run the Pig’ is out to reach runners and cyclists when they are at their hungriest – right after exercising. To earn their bacon, people are asked to use a mobile-app (such as Nike+ Running) to track their run or ride around a pig-shaped course of their own creation, ending at Rashers restaurant at 948 Queen Street East.

The restaurant is also using their Twitter profile @rashers to tempt bacon-starved Toronto-area runners who have shared their completed Nike+ Running status.

The campaign was created by the bacon-loving folks at OgilvyOne in Toronto.

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No Cash, No Credit Cards. Man Must Barter His Bacon on Cross Country Drive

Oscar Mayer Bacon Barter

Bacon as a viable currency presents a few problems right of-the-bat. First and foremost, I’d eat through my cash pretty quickly – but really what else would I need to buy if I had bacon. Second, we’d have to re-invent the wallet to better keep our cash fresh. Third, pigs would be even less thrilled with their lot in life.

Despite those issues, Oscar Mayer kicked off The Great American Bacon Barter in New York with comic actor Josh Sankey bartering 10 packs of bacon for a psychic reading. Josh did a little better later by scoring a six pack, a bag of ice and tickets to the Jets game.

You see Josh’s mission is to travel from NY to LA, with no cash or credit cards, just a trailer full of 3,000 pounds of bacon. He must barter the bacon in exchange for food, accommodations and whatever else comes up along the way.

Each day Josh will be tweeting out what he needs at @BaconBarter with the hashtag #needit. People who can help out can contact him through Twitter, the Oscar Mayer Facebook page or email.