Nissan Transforms Gasoline Pumps Into Everyday Items to Promote Electric Car

Nissan Leaf - Bowsers Art ExhibitWith electric car technology finally starting to go mainstream, it’s conceivable that the traditional gasoline pump will disappear or possibly transform into something else.

With that in mind, Nissan Australia is promoting the Leaf, their 100% electric car, with a huge interactive exhibition in Melbourne and Sydney. The outdoor exhibit features 40 petrol bowsers (gasoline pumps) that have been transformed into useful items such as a popcorn machine, fish tank, grandfather clock, bookcase, dollhouse and even a dog kennel.

Australians can vote for a chance to win their favorite petrol bowser, while the remaining bowsers will be auctioned off.

The campaign was created by Melbourne’s WhybinTBWAGroup, with video directed by James Dive of The Glue Society, and PR handled by Eleven PR.


IKEA Sleep ‘Expert’ Reveals the Seven Categories of Australian Sleepers

IKEA seven types of Australian sleepersIKEA Sleep Expert Alvar Kalsson (played by actor Matt Sterne) and his research team have traveled far to help identify the seven categories of sleepers in Australia. As Alvar explains, “Sleep is an important part of life, we spend nearly as much time sleeping as we do listening to ABBA“. (now ‘Dancing Queen is my head, damn you Kalsson!)

While I have never watched myself sleep, based on the condition of the bed in the morning I’ll classify myself as the ‘Virder och Vänder’ or Tosser and Turner. Watch the videos and figure out which type of sleeper you are. Or, better ask your bed mate, they may have a different opinion.

The seven categories are:

  • Starfish (Sjöstjärna)
  • Log (Stocken)
  • Black Belt (Svart Bälte)
  • Snuggler (Mysaren)
  • Hökey Pökey
  • Chatterbox (Pratkvarnen)
  • Tosser and Turner (Virder och Vänder)

Each category of sleeper is recommended a different type of IKEA bed that best suits their sleeping style.

The campaign was created by PR agency One Green Bean with production handled by DangerMouse Productions.


Australian Insurance Company Promotes Comprehensive Plan With ‘FrankenCar’ Build

NRMA Car Creation CampaignWhen I first heard the idea behind this campaign for Australian car insurance company NRMA, I immediately thought of the Simpsons’ episode ‘The Homer‘. In that episode Homer’s half-brother Herb (voiced by Danny DeVito); owner of Powell Motors, invites Homer to build a car that would appeal to the ‘average American’. The car was a combination of everything ridiculous, featuring two bubble domes and horns that played La Cucaracha.

To promote their Comprehensive Car Insurance plan, NRMA Insurance wanted to highlight to car-owners that their insurance plan would cover the car extras that others companies may not. Extras like car stereos, air conditioning, sunroofs, alloy wheels and ABS brakes.

NRMA’s agency, Whybin/TBWA/Tequila came up with the idea of creating a special ‘concept car’ created from 5 different cars and 52 extras. Over the next 8 weeks, the four mechanics cut, welded and were filmed undergoing unique challenges like driving around with a heavy metal band playing in the car, or backing up through an obstacle course of very expensive items without the benefit of a backup camera.

During the build, NRMA’s Facebook fans could vote on some of the optional items added to the car such as the alloy wheels or the colourful Travel Pod. Fans who voted were eligible to win a $1000 gift card.

The car was revealed to the public earlier this week by actor and comedian Shane Jacobsen at Customs House in Sydney. The challenge now is for NRMA’s Facebook fans to come up with a name for the one-of-a-kind vehicle, the winner will receive $10,000.

The campaign was created by WhybinTBWATequila and The Glue Society, with production by Will O’Rourke.

Aussie Underwear Brand Presents a Unique Take on ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

Bond's 12 Days of ChristmasAs Christmas presents go, new underwear usually falls very low on the my holiday wish lists. That might change if underwear adverts were more exciting, like this example from iconic Australian underwear and clothing brand Bonds.

The advert features actress Rachel Taylor as the ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree’ and a cast of 60 other talented Aussies skateboarding, dancing, leaping, drumming, swimming and well… 8 mates a drinking milk while sliding across the floor in their socks.

It’s all part of Bonds unique take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Besides the 60 second example embedded above, the commercial was also produced as 12 separate 10 seconds ads that each featured one part of the familiar carol. The products are all grouped on an area of their online store as the 12 Deals of Christmas.

The most striking part of the ad (besides the 9 ladies dancing) is the rumbling baritone vocals of Sydney singer/songwriter Jack Ladder (real name Tim Rogers).

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Jim Denevan Creates Artwork On Australian Dry Lake Bed for Hyundai TV Spot

Hyundai Australia - Jim Denevan Creates Art on Dry Lake BedJim Denevan is an American artist who is well-known for two things; his travelling large scale dinner parties ‘Outstanding in the Field‘, and his temporary drawings on sand, ice and other natural surfaces.

To promote the Hyundai’s 2012 i40 Tourer, ad agency Innocean Australia hired Jim Denevan to turn the i40’s tagline ‘Make an Impression’ into reality. Denevan and director Noah Marshall of The Sweetshop headed for Rebecca Lake, a dry lake bed in Western Australia to film the ad.

Watch the 3 part ‘Making of’ videos on the Hyundai Australia’s YouTube page.

Stihl Urges Australians to Step Away From Their Computers and Go Outside

STIHL Brand Campaign from Whybin TBWA on Vimeo.

Stihl - Get Real. Go OutsideAs we in the north of North America begin to feel the cool days of fall creeping into our area, the folks in Australia are celebrating spring. Now I`m no expert on the Australian climate, but from a quick glance it appears winter would be considered `sweater-weather`here. Either way, it`s the early days of spring and Stihl, manufacturer of chainsaws, hedge trimmers and other yard maintenance tools is launching a new campaign with a cool-looking 60-second TV spot (embedded above).

The ad promotes the idea of families spending more time outside in their backyards, and less time sitting inside watching television and messing around on computers (which oddly I am doing as I write this). It makes this point by showing `pixelated` one dimensional versions of a dog chasing a stick, a man watering his vegetable garden, even friends sitting at a picnic table speaking to each other as if they are texting. The pixels begin to break away and the commercial ends with the message – Get Real. Get Outside.

The creative comes from WhybinTBWATequila with production by Good Oil Films, the cool special effects were created by Fin Effects & Design.

Panasonic Promoting Disc Recorder by Pranking Australian Guy for 28 Days

Panasonic - The Persecution of Rommy Gulla

Panasonic’s new Blue-ray Disc Recorder can store up to 28 days of HD content. To demonstrate the storage capabilities, ad agency The Campaign Palace will be filming 26 year old Australian Rommy Gulla with hidden cameras as they annoy him with pranks and challenges for 28 days. The results will be posted on the Panasonic Australia’s Facebook page, where fans can win weekly prizes for sharing and answering questions about the videos. Fans who want to be more ‘hand-on’ can get involved by submitting their suggestions on ways to annoy Rommy. Those suggestions will be promoted or demoted by the other Facebook fans.

But it’s not all fun and games, there’s a bit of controversy brewing about whether Rommy Gulla is a real person or an actor specifically hired for the role. In these days of 200 channels of reality TV, it’s not unthinkable that someone would put themselves out there in a campaign like this for a little cash and fame. However, a bit more transparency this case would be welcome and I don’t think it would hurt the campaign whatsoever.

In a press release sent to Austalian media & marketing site Mumbrella, Reed Collins, executive director of The Campaign Palace said:

“We decided it would be much more interesting to put him in a situation where he knows something’s going to happen every day for 28 days, but never what, when or where. His task is to survive the longest 28 days of his life and hopefully with his dignity intact.”

I’ve also read a few comments that express concern that the campaign will promote ‘bullying’, and with that being a hot button topic right now Panasonic may be walking a fine line here. The title of the campaign ‘The Persecution of Rommy Gulla’ alone is concerning, as is the awarding of prizes to others who join in as ‘persecutors’ (their words not mine, check out the rules).

The campaign begins Monday, what do you think? Does the theme of this campaign concern you, or are we becoming too politically correct and overly cautious?

Fire & Rescue NSW Honours Everyday Heroes On Digital Statue

Fire & Rescue NSW - Be Super OrdinaryFire & Rescue NSW has partnered with Insurance Company GIO to launch a new campaign on the FRNSW Facebook page as part of their 2011 Winter (yes, it is winter down under) Fire Safety strategy.

Members of the public who take part in the eight question Home Fire Safety Audit can have their picture projected on the face of a 3 metre fireman statue that will appear in several places around Sydney.

People who complete the audit will be receive a notice when and where their face will appear.  Along with the honour of appearing on the statue, people receive a list of practical fire safety tips as well as a reminder in 12 months to take the audit again.

I was quite surprised that the audit evaluated me as a ‘High Fire Safety Risk’, so looks like I have some work to do.

My top 3 recommended action items are:

  • Testing and cleaning my smoke alarm
  • Not to leave my dryer unintended, clean the lint, etc.
  • Clean the filters in my bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans
The campaign is supported by banner ads and eDMs, and will run to September 15 with a goal of 15,000 fire safety audits. The campaign was created by Sydney agency MercerBell.

Artists Re-Interpret Nick Cave’s Ship Song for Sydney Opera House Tribute

Sydney Opera House - The Ship SongLet me first say that any project involving Nick Cave gets my attention, so when I saw that the Sydney Opera House had released a version of The Ship Song I was all over it. The song provides the natural soundtrack for the visuals of the stunning sail-inspired architecture.

As the song transitions from scene-to-scene you’d never guess that it was actually recorded and shot over a period of 10 months before their respective performances at the Opera House. It’s an inspiring piece of work that sent shivers up my spine and raised goosebumps on my arm as the song’s intensity builds to a climax. One of several highlights is the performance by Melbourne’s Temper Trap.

Among the other performers on The Ship Song project are Neil Finn (of Crowded House fame), Martha Wainwright, Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly. Several of the Sydney Opera House’s resident companies are featured in the project including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia.

The Ship Song project was created by Sydney-based creative agency Three Drunk Monkeys and directed by award-winning music video director Paul Goldman.

The Ship Song can be purchased on iTunes.