Interactive 3D Model of Audi R8 Constructed from Fan Comments

Audi - #OneMillionReasons

Audi Germany have launched an interactive web experience that takes the positive sentiments posted about the brand on social media using the hashtags #onemillionreasons. The comments are presented as a single particle in an interactive 3D model of the Audi R8.

Audi will select eight fans to attend the IAA 2013 in Frankfurt and enjoy a 2 hour escorted R8 fan ride.

Audi fans can search, find and share their contributions through their social media channels or save the 3D model as wallpaper.

The project was created by agency Razorfish and creative production company Minivegas.

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Audi invites eight selected fans to visit us at the IAA 2013 in Frankfurt. Take a look behind the scenes at the world’s largest car show and learn new Audi
already know before anyone else.

But then you have the the Frankfurt skyline behind him quickly: At the wheel of an Audi R8, you experience dynamic and agile pure performance.

They also tell us what you like about Audi and with a little luck we may welcome you soon as a pilot Audi R8 in Frankfurt.

Audi Pits New Spock Against Classic Spock in “The Challenge”

Audi America - Spock vs Spock Challenge

While Mazda may have the official tie-in with the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness, it’s Audi — apparently not satisfied to be Tony Stark’s commuting vehicle — that may have Trekkies hot and bothered by pitting “newbie Spock” Zachary Quinto against “classic Spock” Leonard Nimoy in a new spot dubbed ‘The Challenge’.

In the clip Quinto challenges Nimoy to a round of golf, and whoever arrives at the club last, gets stuck buying lunch. The video unfolds as a “not-so-subtle” comparison of Quinto’s Audi S7 versus Spock’s Mercedes. Nimoy even sings along to a few lines from his 1967 recording of “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” on the way.

The ad was directed by comedy team Paul W. Downs & Lucia Aniello, aka Paulilu — the creative team behind the Dollar Shave Club ad – and produced by PMK*BNC.

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Oreo, Audi and Tide Light-Up Twitter with Zingers During Super Bowl Blackout

Oreos - Tide - Super Bowl Blackout Response

It’s not a surprise that the social media teams of major brands were on high alert during Sunday’s Super Bowl. With investments in 30 second advertising spots running in the neighbourhood of $4 million during the broadcast, it was paramount that reaction to ads be tracked (and possibly responded to) in real-time.

When a blackout affected half the stadium in the third quarter, delaying the game was delayed for 34 minutes, a few savvy social media teams jumped into the fray with some witty, well-timed tweets.

Audi poked fun at fellow German automaker Mercedes-Benz, title sponsor of the New Orleans Superdome, posting, “Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now…”. Over 9,000 retweets followed.

Tide responded with, “We can’t get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out. #SuperBowl #TidePower”, linking to an image associated with their Stain Saver campaign.

Probably the best response came from Oreo, “Power out?” Oreo posted to Twitter. “No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.”, with a link to an image of an Oreo lit up in a spotlight. The tweet went on to be retweeted 10,000 times within the next hour.

While the three brands mentioned here all invested heavily in their traditional spots, these off-handed remarks captured significant attention with those of us engaged with Twitter as a second screen experience.

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Audi Canada Brings High-Tech Slot Car Racing to Downtown Toronto

Audi Canada - Experience the Quattro

Audi Canada is bringing big-time slot car racing to the heart of Toronto’s business district for the next few weeks. The ‘Experience Quattro‘ installation at the corner of Bay and King Streets features a state-of-the-art handcrafted 20 ft x 7 ft custom track environment designed by world-renowned track builders from Slot Mods USA.

As for the cars, finding accurate Audi A4 slot cars was not possible, so they were designed from scratch. The car bodies were scanned by an industrial laser scanner, then the shells of the car bodies were printed with a 3D printer and paired up with the four-wheel drive slot car chassis. Each car includes an in-car camera mounted on housing that was manufactured as part of the 3D printing process.

Instead of traditional controllers, the cars are controlled through a custom iPad app that shows the in-car camera view and a digital thumb control.

Watch the cars on the track live now.


Toronto-Area Audi Dealer Launches Tweet Race to Win New Car

Pfaff Audi Tweet RaceToronto-area (Vaughan to be exact) auto dealer Pfaff Audi launched a competition today for Ontario Twitter users to earn a chance to win a tuned 2013 Audi W4.

The Pfaff Tweet Race looks to reward the first 10 people to attract 2500 new Twitter followers with one of 10 keys that will open the door to a custom-tuned 2013 Audi A4. The contest ends on October 28, or once the first 10 finalists have been identified.

Before you begin thinking that you can simply go out and buy 2500 followers to earn one of the keys, the rules state that all new Twitter followers will be verified. Although it’s not clear what method the organizers behind the contest will use.

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Audi USA Facebook Page Reveals Exclusive Content Based on Klout Score

Audi USA Klout
This execution launched today on Audi USA’s Facebook page is sure to create more debate on whether a user’s Klout score should be used as a measure of influence. Audi USA is the first Facebook page to make use of a new application from Involver called Klout Coupons. When a user clicks to share their Klout score, the Facebook page reveals additional content based on their score, in this case a desktop wallpaper image of one their R18 TDI Le Mans prototypes.

We’ve seen several examples recently of so-called ‘Like-Gates’. A Facebook page will require a certain number of new ‘Likes’ to unlock music tracks, special episodes or preview trailers. This I believe is the first time that some measure of influence has been used to unlock content.

What are your thoughts? Do examples like this help to lend credibility to influencer scores and Klout in particular?