Man Discovers Miraculous Hen in New Andes Barley Wine Ad

Andes Barley Wine: Miraculous Hen

At one time or another, I’m sure that most of us have heard the story about the goose that laid the golden egg. But have you heard about the one about hen that lays bottles of wine?

In a new ad created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi for AB Inbev’s Andes Barley Wine, a man discovers that his hen does just that.

While the hen looks more than a tad uncomfortable with the process (and I’m hoping that no hens were harmed in the production), the man is soon off to dazzle and amaze his friends. But unfortunately, good things seldom last.

The ad was directed by Agustín Alberdi from Landia.

Now, let me think. What kind of wine goes perfect with chicken?

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Argentine Football Player Deletes All of His 92,000 Twitter Followers for Nike Ad Campaign

Argentine Football Player Deletes Twitter Followers for Nike CampaignWith it’s growth as an important social media platform, people have done crazy things to build up the number of their Twitter followers.

Individuals and companies have been even known to purchase huge blocks of fake Twitter followers to try to bolster their social media credibility. Other individuals have deleted part or all of their following to try to reconnect with the audience that truly matters to them.

On August 16, Argentine soccer star Burrito Martinez of the Boca Juniors, surprised everyone by announcing, “Hoy dejé mis 92.112 seguidores para volvermelos a ganar jugando cada partido como el primer partido.”, which in English would read, “Today I erased my 92,112 followers with the idea of winning them back by playing every match as if it were my first.”

The bold move was part of a Nike ad campaign dubbed “Bautismo” (Baptism in English) in which the team were encouraged to play every game as if it was their first. Thanks to the publicity of his bold move, he immediately began to rebuild his Twitter following and has already attracted more than 45,000 followers in two weeks.

The campaign was created by BBDO Argentina.

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Huggies’ Pregnancy Belt Lets Dads Feel Their Baby’s Kick

Huggies - Pregnant Dads

Sometimes I can’t decide whether projects like this one are brilliant or ridiculous. Maybe it’s a little from column A, a little from columnb B. What I am sure of is that everyday something wildly creative and unexpected is being produced the ad agencies in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

In this case, Ogilvy Argentina and Huggies spent 4 months developing a belt that replicates the baby’s movements and kicks in real-time from the mom’s belly to the dad’s belly. There’s no mention whether the belts would be used beyond the development of this ad.

The belts look a bit silly, but the dad’s in the video look genuinely touched by the experience.

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Argentinean Air Conditioner Ad Features The Ultimate Summer Hater

BGH Summer Hater

This TV spot for BGH air conditioners features a man who hates summer. No, this guy ‘really, really’ hates summer.

He especially hates the heat of summer, but he has hate left over for the sweaty people, armpits, pissed-in pools, rancid smells and more. He hates summer so much that he imagines what if tanning oil was actually gasoline, and how it would burn them all to hell.

But, thanks to BGH air conditioners, Argentinians can enjoy their summer and be safe from this guy… at least until the weather cools off.

The ad was created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, who previously promoted BGH air conditioners with a commercial featuring dads in their underwear.


Nike Argentina Uses Seismographs to Measure Stadium-Shaking Football Fans

Nike Boca Seismograph

The stadium of Argentine football team Boca Juniors, nicknamed ‘La Bombonera’ (Chocolate Box), is an especially intimidating place for other teams to play. Areas of the stadium are known for vibrating and even sway slightly when fans begin to cheer and jump together.

Nike Argentina was interested to see if the Boca Juniors’ fans could cause the same tremble at another stadium. Four seismographers were installed at Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario, home of the 2012 Copa Argentina Final, to measure the magnitude of the vibration that Boca fans might create.

During the game, readings of 6.4 and 6.2 on the Richter Scale were recorded after the 2 Boca goals. Boca went on to win 2-1, with the celebration registering an grandstand shaking 5.9.

The stunt was created by BBDO with production handled by Sake Argentina.


Huggies Brings Argentine Newborns Together for a Very Special Friends Day

Huggies: My First Friend

Every year on July 20, Argentinians celebrate El Día del Amigo, Friends Day. Teacher, musician (and dentist) Enrique Febbraro came up with the idea to celebrate Friend’s Day in Argentina after seeing the world come together in 1969 to observe man’s first steps on the moon. Friends day is also celebrated in Brazil and Uruguay on July 20 and July 30 in Paraguay.

Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina came together to create a special event for Friends Day, designing a special crib so that two newborns could spend the special day together. The event took with the support of the babies’ parents, as well as the obstetricians and nurses of the Bazterrica Clinic in Buenos Aires.


Andes Beer: The Story of a Man Who Had Bottlefingers

Andes Beer - Mr Bottlehands

In this beautifully produced spot for Andes Beer titled ‘A Singular Man’ we meet Louise, a young women who has taken a job to help care for a mysterious, shy man who is afraid to leave his house.

Why hasn’t he left the house? Well, the man has a tragic case of beer bottles stuck to his fingers (I thought about Edward Scissorhands immediately). The man is unable to shave, play a record… but somehow was able to put his pants on before she arrived (yeah, I notice things like that).

Louise gradually brings the man out of his shell, they pet a cat together, they dance, then share a kiss. Until one morning…

The ad was created by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, and directed by Nico & Martin.

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Just in Time for a Pantless Father’s Day, It’s Dads in Briefs

Dads in Briefs

I count myself lucky that my dad didn’t stroll around the house in his underwear when things heated up in during the summers. I do, however remember being at friends houses and seeing things that well, still shake me to this day. I had no idea that briefs came in green, yellow and brown.

What I mean to say is “Thank you Dad”.

Those experiences have led me to carefully maintain the quality of my rotation of underpants, quickly removing the worn ones and bringing in fresh recruits. But enough about me and my underwear.

However, this campaign from Argentina featuring a number of ‘dads’ working and relaxing around the house is not trying to sell underwear. The campaign is, in fact, promoting BGH air conditioners, which hopefully will keep dads cool, calm and their dad stuff covered up with pants.

The ‘Dads in Briefs’ campaign was created by Buenos Ares agency Del Campo Nazca Saachi & Saatchi.


Smart Argentina Turns Twitter Stream Into Flipbook Animation

SMART Argentina Twitter AnimationThere’s no denying that the SMART car is small. It’s so small that Smart Argentina has managed to fit the car inside of a tweet.

SMART Argentina has created a 455 tweet flipbook in their Twitter stream using ASCII and special characters to illustrate a SMART car driving through the city to find the perfect parking spot.

The animation ends with the message ‘ENTRA EN TODOS LADOS HASTA EN 140 CARACTERES’ (Get everywhere up to 140 characters) and ‘UNA GRAN IDEA PARA LA CIUDAD’ (A great idea for the city).

You can view the animation in your browser if you keep pressing the ‘J’ button (or down arrow) on your keyboard. If you like to watch the SMART car in reverse, use the ‘K’ or up arrow.

If you’re not able to have the tweets scroll smoothly in your browser, they’ve posted a YouTube video of the full animation.

The animated tweets were created by BBDO Argentina