New Guinness ‘Made of More’ Ad Features the Adventures of a Curious Cloud

Guinness: Made of More - Cloud

A new creative campaign from Guinness entitled ‘Made of More’, features the adventures of curious cloud who breaks away from being controlled by the natural forces around it. The cloud explores the city, sees it’s reflection in an office tower, has fun interacting with power lines and traffic lights, before bravely helps firefighters bring a burning building under control.

It’s a beautiful inspiring production, but there seems little, if anything in the ad tying the creative to a beer. It’s not until the end that we see the traditional product shot of a dark pint of Guinness, along with the campaign tagline, ‘Made of More.

The ad creative comes from AMV BBDO and was directed by Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous. Thwaites also directed a recent Sprite ad that camouflaged the actors until they disappeared into the background.