Maserati Quattroporte Powers New Collection of Tracks from Producer Howie B

Maserati Seven Notes World Tour with Howie B

Luxury Italian car-maker Maserati has partnered up with British loudspeaker company Bowers & Wilkins to promote the new Quattroporte. The Quattroporte, which starts at USD $125,000, is the first to feature an integrated Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

Producer Howie B recorded the sounds of the car’s engine at seven different RPM settings. He then went to work to at the legendary Abbey Road Studios to combine the engine sounds with more traditional instruments and the vocals of Liverpool-based All We Are to create ‘Seven Notes’, a collection of audio tracks available to download at

Maserati is bringing the car and a ‘Seven Notes’ interactive music installation along for a tour around the world starting in Dubai on May 24, before heading on to Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, before wrapping up in London on July 17. Each stop on the tour will feature a live performance of the Seven Notes tracks by Howie B with the support of a local DJ.

Seven Notes World Tour

Seven Notes: Perfection of design

[via The Drum]