You Write the End. Which Doritos Flavour Will be Destoyed?

Doritos Canada is back with 'Write the End', another interesting campaign soliciting user-generated content to promote two new flavour experiments. You may remember the previous campaigns Become the Doritos Guru Contest; in which people were asked to … [Continue reading]

Radiohead’s new album ‘The King of Limbs’ arrives a day early!

It really wasn't a surprise that Radiohead's 8th studio album 'The King of Limbs' would be available as a direct download from their website, or that they would move away the "Pay what you want" pricing of 2007's 'In Rainbows'. They've never really … [Continue reading]

Is Your iPhone Listening to What You’re Watching?

If you're a fan of Snooki and The Situation you'll want to check out MTV's new campaign for Jersey Shore. You can earn a chance to win a trip to the Season 4 Premiere party by checking into the 6 remaining episodes in Season 3 using the iPhone app … [Continue reading]

Want to Hear the New Flaming Lips Song? First find 11 friends.

Anyone who has ever experienced a The Flaming Lips concert in person or listened to their recordings knows that the Oklahoma City band isn't afraid of experimentation. Leader Wayne Coyne is famous for walking across the heads of their audience is a … [Continue reading]

This Valentine’s Day Shout Your Love From the Mountain Tops

AT&T has enlisted the help of a group of very unconventional spokespersons for a special live Valentine's Day event. A team of loud-talking mountain men will shout a special message to your loved one live from Mount Baldy, California. You can … [Continue reading]

Matrix Barcodes Link to Classic Cocktail Recipes at the LCBO

As part of the LCBO (Liquor Commission Board of Ontario) Classic Cocktails promotion, shelf signage for the brands featured in the campaign feature Matrix barcodes. Matrix (2D) bar codes have been used throughout the rest of the world enabling users … [Continue reading]

When Branding Consumes All – Logorama

Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo. I was going to play 'Count the Logos' in the piece, but since there are as many 2,500 logos featured in this film, that's impossible. I especially love the flying Bentley and MSN logos. And … [Continue reading]

It’s Complicated. Reuniting Ken & Barbie on Social Media

Honestly I had no idea that these two icons had even broken up. It turns out however, that Ken Carson and Barbie Roberts (yes, they did have last names) have been an on-and-off thing one since they first met in 1961. Things were not well at the … [Continue reading]

Air New Zealand is looking for the Coldest Canadian

Today on the way in to work I saw 12x18 posters for Air New Zealand's Coldest Canadian Contest on a few mail boxes and power poles along King Street West. It looked interesting enough, certainly topical enough in the -10 degree weather, and I'm a … [Continue reading]

LinkedIn Debuts New Company Insider Widget on ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ List

Last fall LinkedIn announced its new Javascript platform that would allow LinkedIn content to be shared across the web in a similar manner as Facebook or Twitter.  This week saw the public debut of LinkedIn's new Company Insider widget on the … [Continue reading]