DDB Begium and Pedigree Use Transit Posters as Signposts for Dog Walking Tours

Wishing to encourage dog-owners to keep their dogs healthy by walking them at least 30 minutes a day, DDB Brussels and Pedigree transformed their bus shelter advertising into signposts to create a series of 7 guided walking tours around the Belgian … [Continue reading]

Adidas and Dwight Howard Use Ball-Tracking Technology to Create Signature Shots

At an Adidas promotional event during the NBA pre-season swing through the Philippines, Houston Rockets' superstar Dwight Howard provided Manila basketball fans with a unique souvenir. Fans were invited to play one-on-one against the towering … [Continue reading]

Man Discovers Miraculous Hen in New Andes Barley Wine Ad

At one time or another, I'm sure that most of us have heard the story about the goose that laid the golden egg. But have you heard about the one about hen that lays bottles of wine? In a new ad created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi for AB Inbev's … [Continue reading]

Chupa Chups’ Halloween Costumator Creates Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Don't look now, but it's already October 31st and you've run out of time to come up with an awesome Halloween costume. Look around and you'll see that every second person is dressing up as a zombie or Miley Cyrus, or a zombie Miley Cyrus. You're … [Continue reading]

New Hennessey Spot Features Story of Racing Legend Sir Malcolm Campbell

The latest spot in Hennessey's 'Never Stop, Never Settle' campaign features a lavishly-produced short film entitled 'The Man who Couldn't Slow Down' featuring British racing legend Malcolm Campbell. In the 1920s and 30s, Campbell set speed records on … [Continue reading]

Goodbye Bjorn. Change Your Name to Klaus-Heidi and Lufthansa Will Help You Start a New Life in Berlin

In what may be the ultimate hipster prize package, German airline Lufthansa is looking for a Swedish citizen who is willing to change their first name to Klaus-Heidi and start a new life in Berlin. The person (male or female) who can legally change … [Continue reading]

Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ Featured in Playstation 4 Ad

I have a love/hate thing with classic songs being used in commercials, but the use of Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' in a new ad for Playstation falls onto the 'love' side. Perfect Day was first recorded for Reed's classic 1972 David Bowie-produced album … [Continue reading]

Create a Melody of Roaring Engines Using Seven Generations of Porsche 911s

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Porsche 911, and to celebrate the event the automaker engaged creative agency Fred & Farid to create a fun interactive experience for their Chinese web site. With game play similar to Guitar … [Continue reading]

Interval House Promotes Domestic Violence Awareness with ‘Every Second Counts’

Nice work here from Toronto agency Union for Interval House, a centre for abused women and children now in it's 40th year. 'Every Second Matters' highlights the shocking statistic that every second a woman in Canada becomes a victim of domestic … [Continue reading]

How Well Do You Know Your Swedish Furniture and Death Metal Bands?

A quick trip to get new meeting room furniture at a local Ikea store has turned into worldwide exposure for Pittsburgh ad agency Gatesman+Dave. Sam Panico, Senior Copywriter at the agency (and a big metal fan) joked with Associate Creative Director … [Continue reading]