Young Couple Show Off Their Cardboard Box Home in New Kiwibank Ad

As a kid, one of the most fun experiences I can remember was being handed a large empty cardboard box that our family's new freezer had just arrived in. My mind exploded with possibilities for the box. I used my mother's best steak knives to carve … [Continue reading]

The Economist Promotes Hot Button Issues with Free Hot Potato Handout

Looking to promote their status as the go-to source for insight and opinion on today's 'hot potato' issues, The Economist and ad agency BBDO New York have deployed a food truck to hand out free baked potatoes with all the toppings. The bright red … [Continue reading]

30 Squats Can Earn You Subway Fare on the Moscow Subway

In less than 3 months the Russian city of Sochi will host the Winter Olympic Games. To help promote the games, the Russian Olympic committee has installed a special ticket machine at the Vystavochaya subway station, west of Moscow. But unlike other … [Continue reading]

Luvs Provides Sleepless New Parents in Brooklyn a Break with #LullabyLift

Research (and who doesn't love research) shows that new parents in the UK drive an average of 1,322 miles per year to get their babies to sleep. Fathers admitted that they end up driving an average of 1,827 miles in the first year of their child's … [Continue reading]

Dominos Creates Brand-Sponsored Squad for ‘Call of Duty’ Play on Xbox 360

While not one of the traditional food groups, pizza is certainly one of the essential elements that fuel any all-night gaming sessions. With this knowledge at hand, Dominos UK and ad agency Iris recruited a squad of amateur gamers to represent the … [Continue reading]

IKEA Norway Creates Campaign to Sell Customers’ Used Furniture

A frequent site in urban and suburban areas is used furniture placed next to a dumpster or waiting on the curb for pickup. Granted some of these pieces are beyond recovery and are indeed ready for the landfill or scrap heap. But, some pieces of … [Continue reading]

UK Band Partners With Mobile Stargazing App to Debut New Single

To get a first listen to UK electronic band Metronomy's new song, fans will have to search the heavens to find it. In an inspired promotion, the group has partnered with stargazing app Night Sky to debut their new track titled "I'm Aquarius". On … [Continue reading]

City of Boston Crowdsources Homegrown Talent for City Hall Hold Music

A long list of legendary musicians and groups have come out of Boston area, including Aerosmith, The Pixies, James Taylor, The Cars and of course the group actually called Boston. Chair moshing to the Dropkick Murphys while waiting to find out why … [Continue reading]

Google Brings Context-Aware Search Technology to Digital Display

Google's Now technology delivers mobile users with up-to-date information based on search history, location and time of day. For example, it can provide weather and traffic information based on it's observation of a user's daily routine. Google has … [Continue reading]

L’Oréal Paris Brings Interactive Vending Machine to NYC Subway Station

This fall L'Oreal Paris is going underground to the subways of New York City with The Intelligent Color Experience machine. The installation, created in a partnership between digital agency R/GA and CBS Outdoor, features a full-length interactive … [Continue reading]