Filmmaker Spends ‘Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ Promotional Budget on Philippines Relief

Casey Neistat is an American filmmaker who gained some notoriety in 2012 when he and his editor Max Joseph went "off-script" while producing an ad for Nike Fuel Band. Instead they travelled around the world for 11 days shooting footage based on the … [Continue reading]

London Creative Shop Designs Wrapping Paper Inspired by Cold & Flu Viruses

With cases of homelessness in the UK increasing by 31% in the last two years, London creative agency WCRS looks to raise awareness of the issue with The Wrap-Up Project. With the onset of winter, people living on the street become even more … [Continue reading]

Volkswagen Surprises Pedestrians with a Beat Boxing Electric Vehicle

Over the years we've become accustomed to sound of traditional gas-powered vehicles, but electric vehicles run relatively silent at low speeds making them a potential danger to blind or the disabled. Earlier this year the US government required that … [Continue reading]

Illustrator Uses Washing Machine as Canvas in Samsung Austria Ad

Back in art school the washing machine in our building was far from vibration-free. To avoid having it run wild during it's wash cycle we ended up tethering it to the wall with a couple of strong bungee cords. We had enough trouble remembering to … [Continue reading]

Kmart’s Revisits Popular ‘Ship my Pants’ Ad with a Holiday Twist

Back in April, DraftFCB brought new attention (and over 20 million YouTube views) to Kmart with the double-entendre filled 'Ship my Pants' TV commercial. That was followed shortly by the similarly themed 'Big Gas Savings' ad and the more recent Joe … [Continue reading]

Mother London Creates Nested Doll Set in Support of Russian LGBT Community

As a sign of solidarity with Russia's besieged LGBT community, ad agency Mother London has created a set of nested dolls featuring well-known gay icons Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Norton and Tom Daley (seriously folks... no … [Continue reading]

Honda Promotes N-ONE with a Smartphone Case Featuring Airbags

I've owned some form of mobile phone for almost 12 years now, and despite that length of experience I still drop the damn thing at least once a day. Thankfully I've avoided any serious damage to the phone thanks to a $20 plastic case. To promote the … [Continue reading]

Porsche Reveals Secret Prototypes to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the 911

If you're a fan of high-performance cars and the Porsche in particular, then you already know that 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the iconic 911 model. In order to remain a leader in innovation, Porsche has produced numerous prototypes and … [Continue reading]

Gingerbread Man Meets a Grisly End in Holiday Promotion for Fangoria

The Gingerbread Man (also known as the Gingerbread Boy) first appeared in print in the May 1875 of St. Nicolas Magazine, a popular American children's magazine. Unlike Gingy from the Shrek movie series, the Gingerbread Man from the original story was … [Continue reading]

Budweiser UK Launches Knitbot, a Twitter-Powered Sweater Knitting Machine

It looks like this year big brands have discovered the lowly holiday sweater, and have made it a part of their marketing campaigns leading up to Christmas. First out was Coke Zero's Sweater Generator contest, where fans could create a mockup of a … [Continue reading]