Audi Creates Artful Skid Marks to Celebrate El derbi Español

Audi Creates Artful Skid Marks to Celebrate El Derbi de BarcelonaFirst of all, I don’t mean ‘those’ kind of skidmarks, but based on a few of the close calls seen in the video I can’t vouch for the two drivers.

Audi is celebrating the December 10 Derbi game between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona by putting two of their sporty A3s to a unique test of speed and agility on a foggy tarmac. Audi happens to be the official vehicle sponsor for both Spanish football teams.

As seen in the video the two drivers zigged, zagged and spun their Audis in controlled slides around the carefully positioned pylons. As they drove they laid down dozens of rubber skid marks in what appears to be random patterns. In the end, the results were anything but random as we see the skidding cars have created an abstract image of two football players battling for the ball.

The campaign was created by the folks at DDB Spain.

via AdRANTS.

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