Müller’s ‘Wünderful Stuff’ Yogurt Campaign Features Unicorns, Yogi Bear & K.I.T.T.

Müller 'Wonderful Stuff'German yogurt brand Müller has released a trippy 90-second commercial to launch ‘Wünderful Stuff’ their new advertising campaign in the UK.

The ad features a robot rolling through the city ‘wunderizing’ everything with the help of a team of unicorns, Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. (minus the Hoff), Yogi Bear and more.

The campaign comes from the creative minds at TBWALondon and will feature print, online, social (Müller Facebook page here), point-of-sale and outdoor.


  1. markmason.animation says:

    The CG work is very nice and the ad looks great, BUT the 2D animation is really poor. With such a big budget, you’d like to see some good 2D work. Admittedly the Mr. Men were never classic 2D animation when they first appeared, but in this ad they could have been. Sadly,Yogi and Muttley look almost like poor Flash cut-out animation in some of the scenes.
    Good traditional, classical drawn animators who live and breath these kinds of cartoons and characters still exist – I’m one of them. If you want 2D, give it to me.

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