Giant Robots are Attacking Your Neighbourhood on Google Street View

State Farm - Alien Attack ChaosDon’t look now but that ‘thing’ that really does not like Dwayne is now looking for you, and it’s coming right to your neighborhood to find you in State Farm’s ‘State of Chaos‘.

The experience plays off of the State Farm ad ‘State of Chaos’ that I’ve embedded above. First you enter your last name and your address (you can enter any address), then click ‘Unleash Chaos’. It’s way too much fun for me to give too much more away. For even more fun enter the address of your noisy neighbour, then let the chaos begin.

The site is produced by the innovative team at the award winning agencyB-Reel who previously worked on Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown Project and more recently the OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” music video.


  1. Love it.  Great example of going beyond the TV ad.

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